Gripe of the Week #10: PuGs

by on Dec.21, 2009, under Gripe of the Week

This gripe really has nothing to do with being a druid.  Although it was a druid who caused my ire.  I was pugging ToC on my hunter this week, and a druid decided to claim feral as their mainspec, even though they were healing the instance, and WoW armory showed their specs as resto/balance, wearing balance gear, and the tier 10 balance idol.  They won the roll for [item]Lupine Longstaff[/item], and the pug raid leader, like a dolt, just gave it to him, even though I pointed out that he’s not feral.

I had my revenge on Anub’arak.  Apparently he doesn’t shapeshift into bear form fast enough when the adds are misdirected to him.  The raid ended up wiping, falling apart, and I had my revenge.

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  • Lereth

    I had a similiar situation in one of my PUGs. A couple of fellow guildies and I (all 3 of us were DPS) decided to start Forge of Souls one night. We pugged the tank and healer. The tank was apparently a feral druid. Throughout the instance he had aggro issues, and members of our party would occasionally die. We even wiped once on the first boss. Anyway, we continued onto the Pit of Saron, changing out the healer. Our tank kept having aggro issues, and we had to hold back our DPS many times. The last boss dropped a nice caster trinket, of which everyone rolled need for, including the tank. He won the roll, and several of us asked why. He’s feral right? Well, he claimed that he was really balance/resto. WHAT?! No wonder he was having aggro issues. I never did look at the armory, although I probably should. He’s on my ignore list now. Please people, don’t pug in specs that you usually don’t play in. It shows!

  • Balourd

    I was pugging 10m ICC on my shaman last night and Shawl of nerubian silk dropped for me. i was pretty happy cause i was still using naxx25 cloak with armorpen on it. And god knows armorpen is bad for shamans. So i roll on it being the only one needing it in the group, but then a hunter rolls and wins is. The raid leader doesnt do anything but looting the cloak to the hunter.
    I tried to explain the hunter that expertise is useless to him and that its my second most important stat to cap after hit. but he wouldnt listen. I later won a roll on lady deathwhisper, the Chestguard of Frigid Noose. He whispered me saying “ok i give u cloak vs chestpiec ekk ?”
    Fun fact his name was Deathbykite and he couldnt kite Deathbringer saurfang adds. I had to drop earthbind totem everytime the adds spawned and mages took care of the kiting. lolol

  • Balourd

    BTW being a hybrid class is probably the best thing ever cause if you cant heal or tank you’re pretty much waiting your life away in those random heroics queues.

  • TheTole

    It sucks when people roll on stuff they dont really need, but wiping your whole group because someone rolled on something you needed isnt the right way to handle it. That is a real dick move in my opinion. Just like healers and tanks that drop group during a boss pull.

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