Icecrown Raid Guide: Lady Deathwhisper

by on Dec.20, 2009, under General

[npc]36855[/npc] is a fairly simple fight that requires the coordination of several tanks and your dps.  In Phase 1, Lady Deathwhisper utilizes her mana to keep her health pool full, so you must effectively burn through her mana to get to phase two.  In phase one, every so often adds will spawn from one (or three places, if in 25man) side, that have to be dealt with.  There’s a few tricky things with these adds.  First off, the melee mobs quickly gain a melee reflection shield, and the caster mobs have a spell reflection shield, so you need to put your casters on the melee, and the melee on the casters.  It’s also important that if the adds become deformed, or return to life (via [spell]72498[/spell]), that they be killed as soon as possible.  Once you are done killing adds, the DPS returns to Lady Deathwhisper.  She will throw out death and decay, which you should immediately run out of.  It’s suggested that enhancement shamans (and to an extent retribution paladins) stay on the boss the entire time.  Since their damage is a mix of both melee and magical, they do not do decent damage to the adds.  You will want to make sure you control her mana shield, and only deplete it once a wave of adds are dead.  Trying to manage Deathwhisper in phase two along with a host of adds can be challenging.  The magical adds also throw out a [spell]71237[/spell] which should be decursed immediately, and in 25man, Deathwhisper will mindcontrol.  Make sure you don’t kill the MC’d person, and have people on sheep/cyclone duty to CC them.

In phase 2, the adds stop and she becomes mobile.  All DPS switches to Deathwhisper.  You will need to continue dodging death and decay and mind control, as well as dodge shades which spawn.  Like Sethekk Halls, these shades are untargetable, and they hit for very hard.  It’s extremely important for your own survival that you stay cognizant of their location.  The tanks will need to switch off taunts, as she puts up a stacking debuff which causes threat generation to be reduced.  Deathwhisper will also AoE frostbolt during phase 2, which can be interrupted.  Phase 2 is generally fairly simple, and if you can get here, it shouldn’t be a problem finishing her off.

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  • Balourd

    you got some things wrong
    the curse of torpor is from the caster adds
    and aoe frostbolt is during phase 2 only
    thank you for suggesting enh shamans and paladins stay on boss. i was in a 25 man on my shaman alt and they kept putting me on adds duty i was doing horrible dps.

    10m Boots will probably be BiS when the heroic version come out.
    I’m using the Scourgelord’s baton and not disappointed.
    One of my moonkin friends (Tykris) is using Nibelung and claims having them do 900 dps on dummies once. Not bad

  • Sunfyre

    Thanks for the info. I usually pay more attention to pew pew, and less to what’s going on around me. Makes it horrible when I try to tank on my alt, because I generally just blindly follow like a lemming.

  • tubby

    Curse of Torpor also goes out on 10m, so you’ll definately find yourself on decurse duty there. I don’t think she MC’s in 10, but I could be wrong.

    Nibelung seems to have a pretty low proc rate.

  • CastorFiber

    About Nibelung, i’m curious about how good it is for a druid to have?

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