Icecrown Hotfixes

by on Dec.19, 2009, under General

I’m a few days late on this, but I’ve been pretty busy as of late.  There were a few minor tweaks to Icecrown Citadel:

  • Muradin and Saurfang will no longer gain stacks of Battlefury from totems. Additionally, the duration of Battlefury has also been reduced.
  • Lord Marrowgar is now tauntable.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang’s Rune of Blood has been modified to heal 10 times the amount of damage dealt instead of 5 times the damage. This will make the encounter more difficult if you try to tank Saurfang with just one character. The tooltip does not reflect this change, but it will in a future patch.

They’ve also made some changes to the older heroics, that triggered events at certain health levels (such as Ionar, Tharon’ja, etc), to only trigger once per fight.  It was pretty silly with the levels of DPS that exist now, where you’d push them into event after event.

The changes to Marrowgar should help save the morons who can’t control their threat after the agro drop, after the bone storm.  Besides that, shouldn’t be a big deal.  The changes to Battlefury will nerf the Gunship battle a bit, and make it easier for tanking.  The biggest change I think is the buff to the Saurfang encounter.  I know some people have struggled since the hotfix.

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