Question of the Week: Cataclysm

by on Dec.17, 2009, under General

Question MarkI know we’re just starting Icecrown, but here’s a question regarding Cataclysm:

Do you plan on playing your druid as a main in Cataclysm? Are you willing to stick with balance? Will you race change to troll/worgen if it becomes available?

Personally, I’ll never play another main class besides druid, and I enjoy balance. I would LOVE to play a Worgen.

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  • Astraal

    I personally will never want another main other than my druid. However, it would be TOTALLY awesome to roll a worgen. Race change inc., I’m thinking.

  • Scarvo

    I like being a cow. Of the other classes I’ve tried, I definitely like druid the best, and I definitely like balance of the talent trees.

    However, I don’t know what crazy stuff they’re going to do to each of the classes in cataclysm. I’m prepared for things to look -really- different. Maybe not Warlock-different, but different.

    Of course I’ll try a worgen and a goblin. Will be hard to choose between the two at first.

  • Xiera

    I can’t say whether either of my druids will remain my main, but neither will be changing race or spec. Xiera will remain a night elf balance druid and Aarisa will remain a night elf feral druid. It will be interesting to see whether I decide to stick with Xiera as my main (for I still consider her my main, even though, from the guild’s perspective, Aari is) or whether I give so other class a try.

  • Seca

    I do some achievement whoring, so it would take pretty significant motivation to change mains. Given druid hybrid flexibility, I can’t really see it happening.

    Balance is my least favourite. I do it because the GL asked me to. I would welcome a change back to resto or feral, but it ain’t going to happen.

    No plans for a race change. I fear it would make it feel like a different toon. I also really like shadowmeld (closest thing to a threat dump I’ve got) and would be a little lost without it.

  • Lereth

    I’ll probably stay as a balance Druid. I’ve done so much on Lereth, that I’ve grown a bit attached to her. I wouldn’t mind race changing to worgen though. Not only do they look cool, but the racials are awesome.

  • kindercan

    I only have one 80 and the Boomkin ain’t changing. Maybe i’ll level another alt just to become a worg, which sounds neat, but we’ll see. forever is a long time.

  • lissanna

    I’m hoping that moonkin will become even more fun of a spec to play. So, I’ll still be resto & moonkin dualspec.

    I’m planning to start a worgen, but my NE will still be my main. It’ll probably get stuck at level 60-ish….

  • Vromeov

    Depends what they do the racials. Shadowmeld is meh now and the extra 1% damage is looking very nice right now.

  • Qieth

    Its a tricky question. During vanilla, i played a priest. In the majority of TBC, i played a hunter. At the end of TBC and throughout WOTLK, ive played a druid (feral first, then moonkin). Will i change again when Cataclysm comes out? I dont know.

    I am probably more inclined to stay moonkin, because even though i was very happy to be a hunter, i am much more immersed into being a moonkin. Its fun to specialize in, and can be quite rewarding. I do miss my hunter pet, and i miss the days when i healed, but my class offers a lot of diversity and uniqueness.

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