Impressions of Icecrown Citadel: 25 man

by on Dec.15, 2009, under General

This week was my first week raiding 25man Icecrown Citadel with my guild, as I was stuck in a foreign airport last week. I must say, while it’s a breath of fresh air to get out of Trial of the Crusader, I am not very impressed.

As of today, one week since the launch, 19 guilds on Sargeras (US) have killed the first four bosses. If the level of difficulty does not ramp up in the further wings (and I hope to god it does), we’re looking at multitudes of guilds killing Lich King within the first few weeks. I know that Blizzard wants to make content more available to the casual player, but come on. Really?

I will most likely be posting information on Lady Deathwhisper next week, once I get a little more familiar with how we do the fight.

On the other hand, I did end up picking up [item]50457[/item] with badges today. Having a 100% uptime on the idol is quite nice. I’ve also noticed a much higher upswing in my DPS in Icecrown, as the fights are less gimmicky. I came in 5th in damage for Saurfang. I also picked up [item]49996[/item], which I’m trying out. The only downside to using this is that I have to use the Tier 9.45 shoulders, which are much weaker then the shoulders that drop from 10man TotGC, [item]47996[/item]. I was able to bring my haste down to about haste cap, and gain almost 90 spellpower, but my crit rating suffered slightly as well. About a quarter of a percent. I’m not convinced this is the best route, so I’m going to test it.

Either way, though, it will not last long. I managed to pick up [item]52025[/item] tonight as well, and plan on using it for the Tier 10 shoulders, [item]51147[/item] as that will allow me to use the four strongest pieces of Tier 9.45 as well as a piece of tier 10. They outclass the Glacial Wilds by a longshot.

What are your opinions of 25man ICC? Is it easier then what you expected?

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  • Shifted

    MUCH easier than my entire guild expected. We’re one of the top horde guilds on our server but we didn’t expect to clear the wing in a night….

  • Lereth

    Still haven’t downed Marrowgar on 25 man. We are an average guild (not hardcore).

  • Xiera

    Well, in three nights of raiding last week, we cleared Ulduar (you heard that right, I said Ulduar) and ToC in the first two nights — really should have been done earlier, but people were being idiotic on Yogg — and then were only able to down Marrowgar in the one night we spent in ICC. Deathwhisper doesn’t seem like a difficult fight, but I don’t think people get it yet.

    After our 25-man run, we did a 10-man. Blew through Marrowgar and Deathwhisper, had some troubles with Gunship, but got it down (Spyglass is mine!), and took one attempt at Saurfang with only 9 people. We couldn’t find another time that worked for everyone, so we didn’t go back after that.

    I’d say it’s pretty easy, but I like that the fights are still relatively fresh. I think Blizz has done a great job of introducing new mechanics in Ulduar, ToC, and ICC, and hope they continue that pattern. Saurfang might still prove rough for my guild, but I suspect we’ll get it down.

    So, we’ll probably do ToC and Ulduar again tonight. Hopefully, we can get through both and have two nights to spend in ICC this week. (We’re not stopping with Ulduar until we have the legendary weapon. I don’t know why we’re still bothering with ToC.)

  • lissanna

    The only reason my guild hasn’t killed the last 25-man boss yet is because:
    1) THe first night, we got a boss down and then at least 1 to 2 healers disconnected every single attempt we had on the second boss. SO, we called it after an hour an a half or so.
    2) The second night, we went in to see that the first boss had respawned on us, so we had to re-clear everything to get back to the second boss again, which slowed us down even more.

    The crazy bugginess of new content is the real “gating” mechanism my guild faced last week. So, this week should be super smooth (crosses fingers).

  • Qieth

    Curriously, we had more wipes today than last week. Really, really strange. Marrowgar was a oneshot, and then we had like 4-5 wipes on Lady Deathwhisper – which we twoshotted last week. We two shotted Gunship, and it felt very messy, but i sort of hold it against the tank we had tonight, which didn’t really run as.. well, as i suggested he should :P I could only suggest, but it felt a bit shaggy. Saurfang was a clean kill, though, and i got out of having to glyph-hurricane the blood beasts by simply laying out some ground rules: DK can Chains of Ice (hits multiple targets), shaman uses earthbind, hunter uses trap, and we had a paladin healer with righteous fury on, to ensure that he got initial aggro – then ranged just pick a target and nuke. We only got four marks, but didn’t get the achievement – weird.

    Anyways, i think tonights problems was just pre-christmas jitters. We got it in the end. Still no loot for me, which my ego grumbles a bit about, but the paladins are quite happy :P

    I like the results im seeing. Being nuke-only on Lady Deathwhisper, im pulling a constant 8k DPS in phase 1, until i start switching over to the adds to lend a hand. Thats quite nice, which shows that i have gotten used to my old rotation and that the eclipse changes were actually buffs, in the end.

    • Seca

      It’s easier then we expected too. Couple wipes on Lady Deathwhipser, couple wipes on Saurfang. On 10 man, we went in with 2 off-spec tanks, an off-spec and a carebear healer, and 1-shotted everything (did wipe 3 times on Marrowgar trash). By contrast, it took us 163 attempts (according to DBM) to down heroic beasts on 25 man.

      We also abandoned the hurricane approach after a couple of attempts. I couldn’t generate enough aggro to keep blood beasts from bee-lining our resto shaman. We switched to the RF holy pally picking up aggro, with me as his wing man.

  • Lereth

    Our guild finally downed Marrowgar last night, of which I’m estatic. Now we are attempting Lady Deathwhisper. Wiped several times last night, but I think we’ll get her next time. I switched around my gear recently, and have a ton of haste. So, I’m going to attempt some gem changes, and see if that helps push up my DPS a little. Tonight is 10 mans, so hopefully I’ll get some boomkin love.

  • Beartoucher

    The t9.45 chest and Pauldrons of the Glacial Winds are properly itemized, compared to the t9.45 shoulders and the 264 chest you picked up, which have a ton of spirit on them.

    You’re losing 149haste .
    Picking up 2 crit.
    picking up 175 spirit.
    picking up 22 int.
    picking up 32 sp, plus another ~53 from spirit, for 85 total.

    Looks like its closer to a sidegrade due to the itemization with spirit. I’m interested to hear how this chest will work out for you.

  • Sunfyre

    Are you factoring in the extra gem socket on the chestpiece? And.. I’m losing haste over haste cap.

  • Xiera

    I would have to suggest using any haste/crit gear you have unless doing so would put you under hit cap. There’s going to be so much haste/crit gear in ICC that you’re going to find yourself over the soft caps anyways, unless you sacrifice pure-DPS stats for spirit (which, imo, is a major downgrade).

  • Beartoucher

    Socket total shouldn’t change.
    2 sockets on Pauldrons of the Glacial Winds, 1 socket t9 shoulders.
    2 sockets on t9 chest, 3 on Deathwisper Chestpiece.
    None of the socket bonuses are worth gemming for, so you should have 4 runed cardinal rubies in both configurations.
    The only exception would be if you don’t hit your 2blue requirement for your meta, but if you’re only 1 short the Glacial Winds + t9 chest would still be better.

    Haste over the soft haste cap is still decently beneficial, rated almost equal to crit when you’re under crit cap.
    I’m not sure on the conversion from haste to spell power numbers, but if 1 haste = .55 sp beyond soft haste cap, then these gear configurations would be pretty close to equal.

    Blizzard has finally come around to dropping spirit off of our gear and giving us SP haste crit pieces. Just look at the t10 pieces. 3 of the 5 are SP haste crit, and the other 2 are SP hit and crit. It seems like a strange step to drop 2 pieces of prefect itemization and replace them with 2 pieces that have the 1 gear stat that we’ve been trying to get rid of (not really get rid of. Its still useful, but its the least beneficial stat besides int…)

    That’s why I’m curious to see how it works out. What’s really more beneficial? The haste? Helping you get more casts off sooner after movement which helps you proc NG faster? or the spell power, which just gives you more bang for your buck repeatedly?

    Either way, gratz on the chest. No matter what, its still an amazing piece of gear. Not too many people have a 264 chest for their offspec resto set yet.

  • Sunfyre

    I think I eventually will drop it in favor of the Pauldrons and the T9.45 chest, however it’ll become a moot point once I get enough badges to buy the Tier 10 shoulders, as I have the token to get the decent ones, and I think the T9.45 shoulders are the weakest piece of Tier 9, so utilizing the 4pc T9.45 and T10 shoulders would be the way to go.

    I was hoping to eventually use the 264 chest as an offspec resto piece, but I then looked, and I’m using the 258 heroic leather piece that has an asinine amount of haste on it, and puts me at 715 haste, so close to the 730 haste cap, so I’m not really sure I want to drop over a hundred haste and replace it with crit or not.

  • Beartoucher

    Yeah, those t10 shoulders look nice. Hopefully I can get them soon. Think i’m probably going to end up doing the t10 head first, and taking off legwraps of the awakening to replace with the t9.45 set legs to make up for hit. Then I’ll replace with the t10 shoulders to get 2piece bonus? I’m not sure yet. I hate trying to stay hit capped.

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