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by on Dec.14, 2009, under General

I’ve had a few people ask me which AddOns I use, and I think the following screenshot lists most of them.  Click for high res.

I use the Curse downloader to manage my add ons. I recently upgraded from 3.0 to 4.0, and I must say there was a huge improvement.  I also sprung the few dollars to get Curse Premium, and I have to give them 5 stars.  It works great!  My only gripe so far is that the AddOn sync doesn’t work with MacOS version yet (I have a PC Desktop which I usually play on, but WoW is installed on my MacBook Pro as well), however, the MacOS version is in Alpha, and you don’t even need to have Premium to use most of the features (including Update All).


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  • Seca

    Very nice. :)

    Not criticism, just curious. There seems to be a fair bit of redundancy between ForteXorcist, S&A & Quartz. Why do you like to run all 3?

    A slightly off-topic cry for help. I also use Bartender 4, and do my keybinds through it. 3 times in the past week mid-fight I’ve had my keybinds reset/revert/clear … I’m not exactly sure what. Some seem to get scrambled, others lost entirely. I have updated the add-on since the patch, and have everything locked. Anyone have any ideas? I’m a little unpopular when I start doing FF spam.

  • Sunfyre

    I only use the scrolling cooldown bar in ForteXorcist and the cast bars in Quartz.

  • Qieth

    How strange that you have your starfire and moonfire on 3-4 and wrath all the way up at 7. I couldn’t play like that for sure :P

  • Sunfyre

    Those aren’t my moonkin bars. My bars change when I shapeshift.

    1=Starfall, 2=Typhoon, 3=Moonfire, 4=Starfire, 5=Wrath, 6=Insect Swarm

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