Icecrown Citadel Preview: Lord Marrowgar

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Lord Marrowgar

Lord Marrowgar is the first boss in Icecrown Citadel, and he is fairly simple.  Like most bosses, you will want to start this fight spread out.  Marrowgar has three main abilities, and a saber lash, which requires you to have more then one tank stacked on top of each other.  The other three abilities are easily handled.  The first is [spell]72705[/spell], which is a blue flame which snakes across the ground in a direct line.  To avoid it, simply sidestep when it gets near you.  Don’t be alarmed, if it hits you, it doesn’t do much damage as long as you get out quick enough.  (I have a feeling in hard mode it will have much higher consequences, like a debuff, similar to that on Northrend Beasts in ToGC).  The second ability that Marrowgar possesses is [spell]73143[/spell].  Marrowgar will impale one individual (25man: three) and incapacitate them, as well as doing 10% damage per second until they are broken free.  All DPS should immediately switch to the bone spikes and break them free.  In 25man, it’s important to free the healers first.  The final ability is called [spell]70836[/spell].  While all of the raid takes damage, the farther away from Marrowgar you are, the less damage you take.  He whirlwinds randomly, much like Sartura, so you have to be on your feet to avoid him.  After the Bone Storm is complete, he will reset agro, so be careful.  His damage is minimal in non-heroic, so you can probably DPS him while he whirlwinds as long as you’re careful.

As long as you can rinse and repeat, killing Lord Marrowgar should be no problem.  If you manage to kill him in 25man, you may be rewarded with [item]49968[/item].


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  • Balourd

    a warning for you guys doing 10man pugs: bring three healers. wipe fest with the recommended 2.5 healers if one of the healer gets impaled. i say pugs because you will most likely get someone whos here for the first time and theylle screw up. we got two lastnight. a tank and a healer. thank jesus the leader was patient because those guys would have beennverbally abused. seriously not a hard fight though just gotta be prepared for eventualities like that or a bad pickup cleaving a healer.

  • Xiera

    As a tank, I found that picking him up (and holding threat) to be the easy part. In 25-man, the three of us tanks did a great job of stacking together, making that part of the fight trivial. Once we moved to a “buddy system” — my suggestion — for ranged and healers to break each other out, the spikes were no longer a problem. So the only problem remaining was being an idiot — standing in a fire or staying close to whirlwind. It’s amazing how people suddenly seem to understand a fight when the raid leader threatens them with being replaced…

  • Seca

    So far I’m finding this fight to be one where my dps suffers more then others.

    With all the movement and with dpsing bone cages, I find I (at times) have to ignore lunar eclipse procs and just cast wrath in order to get the casts in.

    Other moonkin finding this too? Any tips to keeping dps up here?

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