Gee, thanks Blizzard.

by on Dec.13, 2009, under General

Dear Blizzard,

Thanks for giving me an Ashen Verdict rep ring ([item]50377[/item]) that’s completely worthless. I’ll stick with my [item gems=”40113″]48001[/item].


p.s. Does anyone know the proc chance on the revered/exalted ring? Is there an ICD? I’m hoping there’d be SOME redeeming quality in such a piece of crap ring.

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  • lissanna

    I got the haste/spirit resto ring instead.

  • lissanna

    or maybe it was haste & mana/5. Whatever the healer one is, lol

  • Qieth

    Yeah, i was a bit disappointed by a haste ring. I have yet to try and put together any kind of BIS list, to see if it might be possible to drop enough haste from gear to take me below 400, and then put on that ring. There is, after all, hardly any haste on our tier 10, and Frozen Bonespike seems like the best call for a moonkin weapon – and that one has no haste either.

    Maybe it wont be that bad, but at the moment, the ring is useless to anyone that can actually get to friendly+ with Ashen Verdict.

  • Xiera

    We’re going to be WAY over 400 haste rating in our BiS gear. Now would be a good time to stop worrying about the soft cap and start simply balancing your stats (haste and crit, obviously).

  • Qieth

    I made a quick BIS list, and with the gear i juggled around (normal only), we were just +135 over our soft haste cap, while at the same time, i personally stood to gain a whooping 326 crit rating.

    I can live with the extra haste, and using the exalted version of the ring puts my “BIS” hit to 268 rating, and gives us the spellpower proc on the ring aswell. I think its a fair trade :)

  • lissanna

    Problem is that we’re trading spirit for haste on a lot of pieces, so that means that dropping the haste just gains us more spirit…

  • Balourd

    i think haste cap is overrated. i mean you still use haste for like, huricane, starfires all the time, gcds etc. i mean between getting over crit ap and haste cap id prefer grabbing haste over crit. haste still is good if natures grace isnt up. crit is also always good ofcourse. i would pick half the haste statweight over half the crit starweight though. idk if im clear.

  • Xiera

    I personally tend to prefer crit over cap, but at this point, it almost becomes moot, because most of our BiS gear has BOTH haste and crit. After the two hit tier pieces and the rep ring, you really don’t need much more hit (193 with those pieces, so less than 100 more needed). I can count the number of spirit pieces on my BiS list on one hand… without using any fingers. Zero pieces of spirit gear, 5 pieces of hit gear (and that puts me over cap), 8 pieces of gear that have both haste and crit. The ring is the only piece without crit (besides Reign). This does not take into account Shadow Silk Spindle, for which I don’t have the stats currently (I think it’s haste/crit as well).

    I’m looking at 625 haste rating and 28.7% crit, unbuffed, out of form, not including the Spindle offhand.

  • Qieth

    Ive decided that, for now, im gonna stick to crit even after the crit cap. Crit gives us faster eclipse procs, lots of nice wrath crits (because wrath DPS during eclipse is probably beginning to be higher than starfire anyways), and crit will give us more languish crits. Also, from my calculations, we need some 712 haste rating before going over the haste cap is really worth it, so ill just accept any surplus haste i might get, but not worry too much about it.

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