An open thread to restoration druids…

by on Dec.13, 2009, under General

Tree of LifeDear tree,

Please realize that Blizzard raised your haste cap to over twice it’s original value.  Please gtfo my crit gear and start stacking haste.



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  • Akutsito

    Hahahahahahahahaha, i agree, allelujah, haha.

  • lissanna

    I’m trying to convince them, one resto druid at a time!

  • Balourd

    and then the sky opened up and between two clouds God said “i love you Sunfyre”

  • kindercan

    I lost the SP dagger in 25 ICC to a resto druid. WTF!

  • pips

    Just because tree now also needs more haste does not mean that crit is no longer of any use to them. You use them both and you don’t see Resto druids posting up about how Boomkins stole their Haste that they need. Be caring of your fellow druids and learn to share!

  • Sunfyre

    The haste cap was more then doubled. Moonkin are never actively seeking haste. If we get it, it’s because it was paired with crit, or there wasn’t any better gear for that slot. Our haste cap is at 400, whereas crit is better from then. Resto druids should be taking haste over crit until they’re at their cap of 730 (with 3/3 Celestial Focus). Crit isn’t nearly as important to them until that point, and the 4pc T9 bonus won’t last forever.

  • Adsski

    Kind of agreeing but as a resto I’ll roll on stuff that’s a clear upgrade crit be damned, after all SP is still king and besides with moonkin as my dual spec it’s never a bad upgrade for me! I suspect most of those other trees are in the same boat, but really they should give you first priority for main spec all things being equal

  • Sunfyre

    By that logic, I’ll roll on gear that has mp5 on it, because mp5 be damned, SP is still king.

    On that note, I’ll also take a Val’anyr, because that’s an upgrade for DPS too.

    Come on, let’s be real here.

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