Gripe of the Week #9: Looking for Dungeon

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Gripe of the Week

Am I the only one who hates having to go resto to a) get a nearly instant queue for random dungeons (vice 5-10 minutes as DPS), as well as b) ensure that you have a competent healer so the run goes by decently?  I managed to buy the 3rd piece of Tier 9.45 today, and I forgot I had a piece of 9.32, so I have the 4pc bonus, but I’m trying to grind for a fourth 9.45 piece.  I’ll post some details about the raids and my impressions of the fights and changes to balance druid after this Tuesday, when I have enough experience to get some good data.

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  • accelsia

    nope, i hate it as well…

  • Qieth

    How long did you usually wait when you, in 3.2, wanted to go to a specific dungeon? If i was in the mood for anything that wasn’t the daily heroic, it would take quite a while. And even then, you wouldn’t be sure your healer was any good – its just the same here, its just been made easier to do. Healers and tanks were quick to get a spot pre-3.3 too.

    I have had one “bad” group so far, but we managed to pull through anyways (we had a hunter who didn’t FD, but would run away when he got aggro – away from the tank, mind you).

    At least now we dont have to play the “Who’s fastest?” game when someone announces LFM in trade. We will simply wait our turn, and frankly, i am waiting no longer than i did before, with less hassle. Im quite content :)

    (dual moonkin spec atm, so i don’t even have the choice ;))

  • Coravax

    I’m in the same situation as an offspec bear. Fortunately I love tanking enough not to care at all, but it really spoils me so that when I go to run things on my warlock it feels like I’m waiting an eternity.

  • kindercan

    i spent 3-4 hours doing random heroics yesterday and except for one well geared group, i was way over geared for the rest of the groups. I have a feeling that’s going to be a bigger complaint than wait times, most of mine were in the 6 minute range, which gave me time to farm leather or dance naked in org.

  • Baljet

    I didn’t mind the instant grouping I got from going resto, the slackers pull 1.5k DPS while I’m healing my nuts off was not so fun :(

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