Question of the Week: 3.3

by on Dec.10, 2009, under General

Question Mark How do you like 3.3 so far?  Icecrown Citadel impressions?

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  • Balourd

    ICC is pretty easy so far. Hard modes better be, ya know. Hard.
    Queldelar is basicaly a free weapon, i got mine already and so does like half the server.
    The PUG system is pretty convincing from what i’ve seen. If you’re listed as DPS only though be ready to wait a few minutes. Almost instant groups when checked as tank or healer.
    Weekly raid quest is a nice way to get badges. We got “Wanted : Instructor Razuvious” this week so it’s basicaly run in Naxx, kill him, claim Emblems.
    20ish more days before the next phase of ICC, that seems like forever!

  • Xiera

    Haven’t had the opportunity to invade ICC through the front door yet, but the new 5-mans are pretty cool. Unfortunately, no weapon drop yet, but working on it. We spent last night in Ulduar (yes, you read that right — we want to get our heals lead his frags) and ToC. Cleared to Mim (including optional bosses) and all of ToC. Not bad for 3.5 hours (for us, anyways). Wiped only once, on trash. We’ll be finishing up Uld tonight and hopefully seeing the first couple bosses of ICC.

    XT was this week’s random, so that was convenient. Hopefully next week will be in Ulduar too, since we’ll still need frags.

  • kindercan

    I would love it more if my computer didn’t keep crashing inside. i disabled all my out of date add-ons and it still crashed, right in the middle of a fight. ARGHHH!!!!!

  • Baldius

    Only done the first 2 5 mans but I enjoyed them quite a bit. The new random instances are great for gearing up my alts with badges since from what I can see it does not save you to the instance for that day(think I ran dtk twice in one day). Hoping to get in ICC this weekend but at least on Arygos it was a very smooth patch day, not to many bugs other then waiting to get into the new instances. And you got to love the 10min rebirth, not had to use it yet but I’m sure it will come in handy.

  • lissanna

    I like the new 5-mans & raid dungeon. Yay new content!

  • Squírtz-Mal'ganis

    I love the new raid and 5mans.
    I ran a pug 10m Icc the morning after patch release and cleared the content that is out, and just finished the 25man with my guild tonight. The fights are fun and challenging at the same time. I found the gunship battle to be a little easy and just something to do like chess back in kara.

  • Seca

    As a moonkin, I feel like a bit of a superstar in the first wing of ICC. :) Second boss requires good range damage and CC. Thanks to Tankspot our strategy for the 4th boss revolves around me getting the adds.

    I’ve got the T9(4), and noticed a nice uptick in damage. Carrying significantly more crit after dropping the T8(2), and things have been procing. It’s also a bit of a relief not having WiseEclipse. It’s not the end of the world anymore if something comes up that scuttles the last lunar starfire cast.

  • Balourd

    yeah the nerf isnt that bad. Its bad, but not that bad.
    I dropped 2t8 for 2t9 + ilvl245 and its still a dps upgrade. switched around trinkets and loot to get nearly crit capped / haste capped already.
    Quieth brought it up somewhere else, but i cant really see how were going to gear up effectively if we’re capped with ilvl251 gear.

  • Lereth

    My dps is doing well. I had the 2t8/2t9 going in, and finally put on some ilevel 245 non-tier gear to replace the 2t8 pieces I had. My dps thus improved from that. Not sure if I’ll upgrade to full t9 as my guild does dkp, and not sure if I want to spend the dkp on t9, or save up for icecrown gear.

    My guild is not a hardcore guild. We still have trouble getting Anub down. That said, we walked into Marrowgar and wiped many times. We didn’t have our main tank and a few key healers, but I’ve got to say that I didn’t think that Marrowgar was the cake walk everyone is saying it is. For some of us boomkins that aren’t in a hardcore raiding guild, Marrowgar is tough enough. I wasn’t around that much in BC, and didn’t see the end content there, so several of the mechanics in this fight is a challenge to learn.

    I love reading your blog (among many other boomkins’ blogs as well), and I am learning a lot about being a boomkin. I’m the only raiding main boomkin in our guild, so these blogs are the only way for me to learn my craft. Keep up the good work!

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