3.3 is confirmed live today!

by on Dec.08, 2009, under General

Patch 3.3 is officially confirmed today.  I was personally hoping they’d wait another week, as I will be spending today flying back home, and unable to play.  I’ll try to keep monitoring the sites and keep you posted of any breaking changes as I can during the day.

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  • Shifted

    Don’t despair, it’s a patch day so you’re only missing a lag fest. As a matter of fact, the servers (US) aren’t even up yet!

  • Balourd

    Have a good flight. Hope the pilot has its epic flyer

  • Sunfyre

    That was incredibly geeky. :) I’m delayed in Philadelphia due to epic snow and ice in Chicago.

  • Xiera

    Dammit, how many times do I have to tell Hodir to take it easy?

  • Qieth

    We talked about this in our guild at length, and we decided that it wouldn’t make sense to release it after today. If it came out next week, people would have one week before chrismas to do anything (two isn’t much better, but) and if they did it later than that, they would have to wait until january. At least now, they have a few weeks to iron out the bugs that slip along, before everybody goes home for the holidays :P

  • Balourd

    As of 7:30 PM Eastern Time, my server is UP and lagalicious.
    Hope you guys are doing better!

  • Shifted

    Just cleared the 25manICC bosses that are available! Did alright on the meters, typical in placement but actually better output than in 3.2!

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