Breaking News: Squawk and Awe (and others) broken in 3.3

by on Dec.07, 2009, under General

Thanks to Lissanna’s post at Restokin, a bug has been noted in 3.3.  Essentially, Eclipse does not trigger the SPELL_AURA_APPLIED flag, so addons which track it do not work.  An addon called Class Timer / Class Timer Eclipse has the ability to track the Eclipse buff and it’s internal cooldown.  I suggest you download it from Curse and install it before 3.3 lands.

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  • Qieth

    I was thinking i would just download the extended module for Class Timers, because i only really use SSA to notice which Eclipse is on cooldown, and most of the time i know that regardless.

    I just got an idea, however, which i am going to research tonight. I use Power Auras to give me some visual clues, so perhaps its possible to make Power Aura display a 30 second icon whenever we get eclipse – to show that this will be on cooldown. I will have to look into it tonight (since i play in Europe, i won’t have 3.3 until tomorrow).

    I didn’t cry myself to sleep over SSA – i litteraly don’t gain very much from it, unless i forget which eclipse i had been doing, or if i had 15 seconds of bad luck with no eclipse procs.

  • Xiera

    It’s my understanding that PowerAuras will not work for Eclipse either, due to this bug. Basically, anything that uses the combat log to get its cues is not going to work for Eclipse.

    My guess is that the bug is the result of an initial “fix” to break WiseEclipse, where the Eclipse buff itself would not be considered a “spell aura”. After fixing the cooldowns, they probably forgot to switch this back. If this is the case, it should be a minor fix and hopefully in by next week, or the next ICC wing, at the latest.

  • Qieth

    Yeah, i thought i could do something, but i was wrong :P I just got the Eclipse module for Class Timers and it works alright – just have to get used to it.

  • Vromeov

    I’ve been toying around with class timers and for most part, actually like it better then SAA…Not as bulky feel once u get used to it..

    BTW, I did do the 3.3 fix but figure with new patch, time for a change in look with UI, and SAA is just the start

  • Qieth

    I never got used to looking at ClassTimers for Eclipse – i still have the eclipse mod for it, in case SSA breaks again and i can get used to ClassTimers Eclipse, but i sure dont hope so :P

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