A season for giving… and receiving!

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The holidays are upon us.  No matter what religion you follow, or elect not to follow, I think the season for giving is universal.  So are holiday wishes!  When I began blogging in September, I never thought I’d have this many people read my blog.  I didn’t advertise, I just began writing, and through a few strokes of luck, other bloggers found me and linked me from their own blogs.

During this season of giving, I will be choosing one random commenter between now and Christmas (my holiday of choice) to receive their own Pandaren Monk companion pet, as a small gift from me.

I also have a few holiday wishes, and for each of those that you help come true, I will be choosing another lucky visitor to receive a Pandaren Monk (or Lil’ KT, if you have a monk.  I prefer the monk as half of the proceeds go to charity).

My wishes are simple, and shouldn’t be hard to achieve.  I’m not asking you to spam for me, however I have a feeling most of you are the “go to” moonkin on your server where a lot of the other, perhaps less progressed balance druids go to for advice.  Refer them here!  There’s a lot of information for them to gain from Sunfyre’s Nest, as well as the other blogs that I link to in the druid blog roll.

Wish #1:  250 readers/day

— I currently average between 120/150 unique visitors a day.  I’d like to see this number to grow to at least 250!

Wish #2: 100 Twitter followers

— I often break news on Twitter before I can get to a computer to write up a post.  There’s also a lot of banter between myself and other moonkin bloggers such as Lissanna from Restokin and Ballerkin from Moonkin.info

Wish #3: 150 RSS viewers

— I personally love RSS.  It’s how I keep track of many blogs, and with my handy Droid, it syncs with my Google Reader account to keep all of my blogs synced to my phone in case I get bored in a meeting at work!

If you’re new to the Nest, it’s easy to follow us via RSS or via Twitter, the links are in the top right hand side of the screen.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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  • Baldius

    Do you get credit for a visitor from some that reads your post with a reader? Like you, I also follows blogs with my droid’s google reader. And thanks again on a the tip for getting PDANet. Got the full version and works great. Can even play WOW with it at about a 400ms latency.

  • Sunfyre

    I believe credit does show. Perhaps a more veteran blogger like Lissanna or Ballerkin would know, but I think Google Analytics shows RSS views as part of visitors. I could be wrong though. It definately will show in the RSS count. I have a Mac as my primary laptop, so I can’t use PDANet. The bluetooth DUN is buggy for me still. I need to break out my copy of Parallels and install it I think.

  • lissanna

    Sometimes, google analytics includes feed readers as part of the visitor total. For example, one of my traffic sources is listed as:
    feedburner / feed

  • Sunfyre

    Thanks for the link, btw, Lissanna. You are the #1 referrer to Owlkin.org today. :P

  • Dirkastan

    will u be putting up some of the harder icecrown strats as it pertains to a moonkin?

  • Qieth

    What a nice thought. I would have thought that you had a lot more readers though, but maybe your readers are just better at commenting than mine (usually takes a while before they pick up, but my blogs can be quite scary). I am averaging at 170 in the week days, and about 120 in the weekends, although i spiked to 552 visitors the day GC announced that they would buff eclipse – sadly, all of these were before i got home to write a blog about it :P

    I think the major spike in my visitors is because i am active on MMO, and because i link the blog in my signature, really :P

    Pardon me, i didn’t want to make it all about me, i just wanted to air my views on visitors.

    • Sunfyre

      Are you using Analytics to track? If I use my plugin from WordPress, I have more, but Google is more strict in it’s counting, and I track absolute unique visitors, which doesn’t count repeat visits for the day.

  • lissanna

    Google analytics will give you both # of total visits, along with Unique Visitors.

  • Qieth

    No, i am not using Google Analytics – im using the built in tracker on the FTP server (Actually, im leeching off Ballerkin’s server :P). I look at actual visits, because one person might check back, or participate in the “community” as we do here with the comments.

    Ah well, as long as it climbs, i am content :) I have something in the works (long term project, wont be up for a while) that might spike some intrest :P

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