Question of the Week: 3.3

by on Dec.06, 2009, under General

Question Mark Question of the Week:  3.3  Are you ready?  I still need badges for Tier 9 sadly.

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  • Qieth

    Almost. I have four pieces of tier 9, two waiting in my bank, but i would very much like to get the heroic Illumination (horde) from Twin Val’kyrs. It has never, ever dropped for us, and the added crit would be very nice indeed.

    If 3.3 hits without me getting any more upgrades (I doub it), i will put on my 4pt9, switch Band of the Invoker for heroic Firestorm Band. I will lose 80 spellpower, gain 17 haste (total 25 over haste cap) and lose about 0,75% crit, but i can live with that change.

    Its quite important to me that my stats are balanced, but I just cant get any less haste with my current options :P

  • Xiera

    I’m as ready as I can be. Unfortunately, my feral is my main, so Xiera won’t be seeing as much time as I’d like, but she’s ready nonetheless. 4T9 ready to go, hit-capped (I had to gem for hit because I was planning around 2T8/2T9). Hell, I’ve already chosen my order for upgrading. I’m pretty excited. Whether it happens this week or not, I’m ready. :D

  • lissanna

    I’m ready for patch 3.3!

  • Akutsito

    Yep, missing 3 pieces of Resto 245 tho, got my 3 trophies but no emblems :p, but the Moonkin part is 100% ready, a couple of Upgrades could drop (the Boots from 25H Beasts and neck from Valkyrs and a hundred items from Anub, but we’re stuck on Valkyrs :P).

    So, let it come! :D.

  • lissanna

    Akutsito, I’m wearing 2 pieces of my moonkin Tier 9 set for healing after the patch hits, anyway… since the resto sets have a LOT less haste rating on ‘em.

  • Akutsito

    Lissanna, isnt the 4pc Resto Bonus AMAZING?, or im just over-valuating it? (i usually dont check numbers for resto, so i might be WAY off here).

  • Seca

    We got Heroic Anub down in our final pre-patch raid, so we’re ready. :)

    I put my 2 T8 in the bank last night, and logged in my 4 T9. My main gear regret is not getting Anub’s trinket, but it only dropped for us once. :/

  • kindercan

    I’ve got 2 pc 9.45 and 2 pc 9.32, and mostly 245 gear all around, and except for my badge neck, not too damn bad, considering we don’t raid Heroic modes.

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