Additional 3.3 balance change: Tier 10 4pc bonus

by on Nov.24, 2009, under General

I don’t know if I missed this in my rage over the nerfing of Tier 8/WiseEclipse, but the following change was also included in the most recent PTR patch:

  • Item – Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus – Your critical strikes from Starfire and Wrath cause the target languish for an additional 7% of your spell’s damage over 4 sec. (Up from 5%)

What do you guys think of the buff?

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  • Xiera

    What do I think? It’s small. It’s welcome, but it’s small. Ultimately, there wasn’t much of a problem with the 4T10 bonus, though this certainly makes it even more attractive.

    What we really needed was a change to our 2T10 bonus, which is insanely RNG-dependent and only lasts long enough for 2 or 3 casts. It’d be nice if they completely redesigned this bonus into something that’s actually useful. Even the same effect as a “chance on spell hit” would be better (though still not where I’d like it).

    But, yeah, the buff to 4T10 and the perfectly itemised T10 gear definitely make the set worthwhile.

  • Bradokk

    Sounds good to me. It will probably be better than 2pc T8. Looking forward to see how it works. BTW I’m on horde side Sunfyre. Derdoolb knows who I am. Will you be picking up 4pc t9 before the patch?

  • Sunfyre

    I’m scrambling to do enough 10man ToC to get enough badges to pick up the last two pieces of T9.45.

  • Seca

    They just took away two things that gave our dreadfully random dps a little stability, and in return we get a slight buff on a set bonus that, like everything else, relies on getting crits. A 4 piece set bonus that will take a fair amount of time to assemble. Super. I certainly feel better. :)

    Hopefully there is still a shoe to drop.

  • Xiera

    What did they take away that gave our rotation more stability? 2T8 was entirely based on Eclipse, which is one of the most RNG-dependent rotations; WiseEclipse was never actually part of the game, so it’s not fair to suggest that they “took it away”. So, really, they didn’t “take away” any stability.

    Now compare us to another RNG-dependent (crit) caster: fire mages. They, like us, have two “tricks” that are very RNG-dependent — Ignite (which we’ll briefly get a taste of with 4T10) and Hot Streak (our equivalents are Nature’s Grace and Eclipse). Between Fireball spam while monitoring Living Bomb and Imp. Scorch, and twisting Eclipses while monitoring two DoTs, I’ll take the more exciting twisting Eclipses option.

    That said, I hope there’s more to come too. With all the utility that other DPS classes are getting, in the form of raid-wide procs and debuffs, there’s really NO excuse to not put all DPS — hybrid or pure — on the same level. Is anyone really going to stack a raid full of moonkins because we do the same damage as a mage? No. Get over it, Blizz. Let us be equals.

  • Balourd

    I think that what Blizzard would answer to their nerf on
    “Eclipse: This effect will not activate again within 15 seconds of either type of Eclipse effect firing, in addition to the existing 30-second cooldown for each type of Eclipse”
    is that they dont want an addon be necessary to a player to play his character. Although WiseEclipse wasnt necessary, it certainly was a great addon to have, and any decent moonkin would be using it.

    I’m wondering now if Blizzard’s only answer to the two recent nerfs is that simple buff to 4pT10.

    Share your ideas of what would be a good buff to moonkins, whether as a Set bonus or as a redesign.

  • Seca

    I did say a “little stability”. :) WE & T8(2) do this because ONCE you trigger a lunar eclipse:
    – it was relatively easy to get close to the soft-crit cap for T8(2) lunar eclipse, so the damage from an actual lunar eclipse cycle was more predictable and not as rng dependent
    – you eliminated the rng of proc’ing a solar eclipse

    I tried for several weeks to get the T9(4) to work for me. On my last try I went through a stretch where it took me 19 wrath casts to proc lunar eclipse, went through that lunar eclipse with no starfire crits, and then went through the lunar eclipse CD w/o managing to proc a solar eclipse. I came close to destroying some gear after that one, but managed to get it back into my bag. :)

    PS – I wasn’t complaining about our rotation (didn’t mention it anywhere), but rather our output. It makes me pull my hair out going into a fight knowing I can execute consistently, and my dps can still range from 4k to 7k based on my coin flips.

  • maeseyck

    The tier 10 4-set isn’t that great.
    Most of the time you crit again, which means the ‘languish’ doesn’t tick for the full duration. (it gives dmg every 2s for 4s). When you have your starfire just under two seconds raid buffed, it just doesn’t do damage because you make your target languish again.

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