The Droid haz invaded!

by on Nov.22, 2009, under General

I write this post from my brand new Motorola Droid. I was a die hard iPhone addict, however a few things made me check out the Droid.

A) Price. My company discount with AT&T was only 13% off the base plan. No discount on the iPhone data plan nor the text plan. I get a 20% discount off my entire Verizon bill. That’s about a $25 USD savings a month.

B) Nationwide 3G. Verizon has most of the US including rural areas covered with 3G. At&t only has major cities. This means Pandora in the car on road trips!

C) Price to upgrade from iPhone 3G to 3GS was $599 (32gb). I have been with AT&T since April and would have to wait until Nov 2010 to qualify for an upgrade.

D) Speed of the Droid vs the iPhone 3g is insane.

E) Multitasking. The ability to keep an IM app and a twitter app open is nice.

The only things I miss about the iPhone are a few apps but I’m sure they’ll make it to android eventually. For music, I still have a Nano, and it interacts with my car stereo much quicker. (PIONEER AVH-P3100DVD)

Granted, the physical keyboard on the Droid is pretty much useless, and the D-pad is wasted real estate, but the on screen keyboard is as handy as the iPhone counterpart.

On a side note, the full version of Sunfyres Nest looks amazing on the screen. The mobile theme auto detects too!

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  • Qieth

    I live in Denmark, and an iPhone is nice and affordable here. When i bought my 3G (no s :() almost a year ago, i paid 1200 DKK (240 USD) for the 8 GB version. Along with it was a minimum fee each month for 600 DKK (120 USD), which dropped to 400 DKK (80 USD) per month after 6 months. Since my previous operator had the 400 DKK minimum anyways, the total cost for my iphone was 1200 + 6x 200 (the aditional 200 DKK for the bill) and over six months that i had to pay extra (compared to if i had just kept my old shabby phone) was 480 USD. By now, its definately paying for itself.

    In the 400 DKK minimum is 10 GB of 3G/E traffic (and i live in Copenhagen, so coverage is pretty good), free text and MMS, and talking for 400 DKK takes quite a while ;)

    I love my iPhone. I love it so much i screamed the other day when i failed to pick it up from the table, and it fell to the floor, hitting a metal rod beneith it. It made two weird circular scratches in the surface, but it didn’t break anything. Thats the first dent to the screen in a year :(

  • Akutsito

    Meh, i dont have a Smartphone yet, im tempted on getting an iPhone and enjoying being broke for a while, but im not sure i can justify the expenses at the momment :P, grats on the Druid (pun intended), ive heard its a pretty neat device :).

  • Qieth

    Smartphone?! More like Awesomephone! ;)

  • Baldius

    I got the Droid the day it came out and am glad to see someone enjoying it as much as I am. Switching over from a Blackberry, the Droid just blows it away on speed and response. Just hope they come up with and app that gives you tethering capability.

  • Akutsito

    It seems that all the cool kids are getting iPhones or iPod touch, i might have to start considering SERIOUSLY getting one… :P.

  • Sunfyre

    Check out PDANet under the Android Market, they claim to already have tethering available without having to pay the monthly fee. (A one time $40USD charge for the app). There’s a demo app out that does HTTP tethering only. I’m currently having some issues with the Bluetooth tethering on my MacBook, but I have hope.

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