Gripe of the Week #8: Shadowmourne

by on Nov.17, 2009, under Gripe of the Week

More information was released about Shadowmourne today.  Am I the only one tired of melee legendaries?  Let’s see.  There was [item]19019[/item], [item]17182[/item], and [item]32838[/item] / [item]32837[/item].  Granted, Sulfuras wasn’t used by many besides enhancement shaman.  This is still the third legendary weapon for warriors.  Healers have had two legendaries, [item]46017[/item] and [item]22632[/item], which was shared by DPS Casters, and it is arguably the hardest legendary to obtain at the time.  (Endgame Naxxramas40 is still probably the least obtained content by guilds, even to this day).  Yet, Blizzard decides to make another melee legendary weapon.

Knowing our luck, the next legendary will be a caster sword.

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