Question of the Week: What is your offspec?

by on Nov.15, 2009, under General

Question MarkWhat is your offspec?  For the longest time I had a min-max build, and then a mana regen build (mainly for 10mans that didn’t have ideal synergy).  I’ve begrudgingly made it resto, as apparently being decent at playing dodgeball makes you cursed for life on heroic twin valks.  (I know you’re reading this, Citrinite).

This seems to be the popular choice, fueled partly I’m sure due to the fact that many of the balance BiS pieces are also BiS or close to BiS for resto, but.. are there many balance/ferals out there?

I wish we could have a third spec.

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  • Qieth

    I was feral before i was moonkin, so i try to have a feral spec ready at hand most of the time. With all the stuff being melted from TOTC, i am quickly gearing up as feral anyways. Unfortunately, if i ever want to tank something, you can bet that i have to respec at least twice a week, since i need a more AOE oriented spec for Anub. Oh, the luxury problems we have ;)

  • Scarvo

    I’m Boomkin/Feral. I started out boomkin and picked up resto when dual-spec came out … and I just didn’t connect with it. By the time I decided to see what tanking was like (around september), I found A) I had a decent amount of feral gear no one else had picked up and B) I was pretty good at it, according to the other feral tanks in our guild.

    I can hold my own in 10-man ToC as a tank, but I am still far more comfortable as balance.

    The other thought here is this: in an emergency, a balance druid -can- heal. I’ve healed countless headless horseman fights and brewfest fights – snoozily easy but still requiring -some- healing. I have thrown out a few raid-saving hots when the healer goes down, too.

    But thinking you can try to tank the boss without the talents seems to be suicide.

  • Sunfyre

    Well, healing horsemen or Brewfest is just a little bit different then healing heroic Anub25, or Twin Valk’s, or anything of consequence. Pre-BC, or even early BC, you may have been able to do it, but I don’t think it’s viable to be a “clutch healer” in WOTLK.

  • Seca

    Normally my off-spec is a resto pvp build. I do respec quite a bit tho depending on the specific needs of a raid. Gotta keep those glyph makers in business. :)

    I don’t know many feral/balance (1 actually). In my guild we have 5 druids. Myself, and 4 feral/ferals.

  • Xiera

    When I started Xiera during TBC, I wanted her to be a balance-spec healer capable of DPS. I enjoy “odd” specs, and that seemed to fit at the time. I already had a level 70 feral at that point (Aarisa), who was adept at both tanking and DPSing, so Xiera was more of a “project” than anything else.

    I was having a lot of fun with Xiera as a moonkin in the months leading up to Wrath (but still raiding primarily on Aarisa), so I decided to continue playing her in the expansion. Originally, I wanted to play her casually and power-level Aarisa, but the opposite ended up happening. The week I turned 80, I was running heroics like crazy and got invited by An die Freude (one of the top guilds on the server at the time) to a Naxx-10 raid and never looked back.

    When I picked up dual-spec, I originally tried for a balance-healing spec like I had in TBC, but, while it was decent, it lacked many of the necessary tools. So I moved to a resto-balance hybrid spec that skipped tree form and heavily favoured Nourish and Regrowth. That didn’t work out either. Eventually, I settled with a resto offspec and have enjoyed healing 10-mans and heroics as a resto druid.

    So I guess I kind of have all my bases covered as far as druid PvE is concerned.

    (Oh, and per request from my guild, Aarisa is now my main again. *sigh*)

  • Rhonda

    I started wrath deciding I wanted to tank so went down that route. I’d always played as cat before that. So tank is my main spec and when I could dual spec I went with Moonkin cos I’d never tried it before.

    It was crazy fun. I still consider tank my main spec but my new guild has way too many tanks so I mostly go moonkin now and it’s still crazy fun.

  • Balourd

    Moonkin / Tank. After guild disband i just started tanking 10 mans and stuff for fun.
    Kara days i was a tank. Ive tried feral dps for awhile too, i could keep up with rogues at one point but ended up going moonkin full time after awhile.

  • Baljet

    Currently Balance/Resto, it just makes sense with the item cross-over.

    However I shall be changing my offspec to act as an orb soaker for heroic twins: 27/42/2 :s

    • Sunfyre

      Out of morbid curiousity… Why that spec? Myself and every other Druid I’ve seen has played dodgeball as resto. I have to go resto for the fight because I’m more reliable than one of our other restos doing it.

  • Balourd

    Wild guess is for the Stam bonus / Damage Reduction from bear form along with the 6% less damage from spells from balance of nature.

  • Danny


    Mostly because I knew that if I wanted to be able to bring this character, I’d need to at minimum fulfill my dk’s tanking role. And to be honest, I like it this way. I can solo things in the wild I wouldn’t be able to as the caster specs and yet still remain Moonkin for most (if not all) activities.

  • Stonekeep

    Balance / Balance =)

    First one is PvP build, second one PvE. When we lack of healers in guild i respec PvE build to Resto

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