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by on Nov.14, 2009, under General

Thanks to the Blue Tracker on MMO-Champion, I was alerted to the following post from Bornakk:

The main focus for the Quel’Delar was for it to fit for dps specs. Yes, this excludes tanks but if we added it for tanks then it would probably lead to tailoring for other specs like boomkin (sorry, just an example, not meaning to pick on you) and leads to bloating the rewards more and more than they already are.

Based on my experiences too, a weapon for a warrior or paladin tank isn’t quite as much of a lifeblood as it is for dps classes. Try swapping weapons around randomly some time and you will find that almost nobody will notice as long as you stay defense capped and put out good threat.

Of note: Internally we have made a change that removes the mp5 from the main hand mace and changed that to haste to match the sword to make it more dps-worthy.

Apparently they read about our distaste with the mace, and apparently he’s wrong, they did tailor it for moonkin.

Maybe next he can respond to multiple suggestion I (and you) have had regarding needed changes for our class.

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