Tier 10 stats released!

by on Nov.12, 2009, under Gear Discussion

Thanks to our friends at MMO Champion, the stats for the first two sets of Tier 10 (item level 251 and item level 264) have been released.  This looks to be the 10man and 25man (non hardmode) sets.  The 25man hardmode set will be item level 277.

I have yet to compare the sets to the other classes, however it does look fairly well itemized.  As Balourd commented earlier, only two pieces have hit, and there is no spirit, allowing for both haste AND crit to be on the other 3 pieces.  Both hit pieces (gloves and legs) also have a decent amount of crit on them as well.

Please leave your opinions in the comments section!

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  • Xiera

    I’ll have to check mmo-champion for the exact stats when I get home. I may actually be going 5/5 for the first time ever.

    Do we know if they’re going to use a pre- or post-ToC system for distributing tier pieces?

  • Youngbull

    I love the stats they are providing. Wearing all five pieces will be very nice for pushing all the stats forward together so not one stat is left behind.

    My real issue is that the way it reads to me is the 4pc t10 is worse than the 4 pc t9. Im already stuck with wearing 2t8/2t9 for the best effect.

    If 4pc t9 gives +4% damage on each wrath and starfire cast wouldn’t that be better than +5% damage on W and SF crits (only).

    Maybe its stacks weird and can push out a little more, but it seems that it will add less overall damage than tier nine. We spent the entire 3.2 patch complaining that we had to keep on two pieces of tier 8.5 to try and hang with the mages rogues and death knights.

    Thanks for no spirit on the gear, but couldn’t the 4 piece benefit eclipse in a way that the tier 8.5 2 piece did?

    • Xiera

      Youngbull, my understanding is that the 4T10 bonus will work like a fire mage’s Ignite, which should be a sizable piece of damage for us — a DPS increase of roughly 10% of our crit rating. Raid-buffed, that should be about a 4.5-5% DPS increase. During lunar Eclipse, that jumps to a 7.5-8% DPS increase for 15 seconds.

      Also, the majority of moonkin were complaining about 2T8 being tied to Eclipse. I agree that these new bonuses (both of which have durations after which they’re less useful) are similar to Eclipse in that regard, and therefore not a huge improvement, but it should be a refreshing change from being so focused on Eclipse.

      The thing that interests me is how this would interact with Typhoon. We know from Ignite that it only applies to non-periodic criticals, so 2T9 (which isn’t even possible to use with 4T10 just yet) would not count, and neither does Hurricane. But Typhoon is direct-damage and AoE, meaning it will probably stack the DoT on all targets it crits. I may end up picking up Typhoon once I get 4T10 (glyphed, of course) for an on-the-run nuke that gives me some additional damage. I think Wrath and Typhoon take the same time to reach the target, meaning that as long as Wrath doesn’t clip the GCD, you can stack the crits of Wrath and Typhoon for larger “Ignite” ticks. The same can be said for SF and MF, but the direct damage of MF doesn’t really do much when it crits. Anyways, should be fun to play with.

  • Seca

    My understanding is that there will still be trophies, but that the trophies will upgrade il 251 to il 264 (so you will actually want to buy the lower level gear). But I could be wrong. :)

    I found T9 discouraging. The gear was nice, but weening off the T8(2) has proven difficult. Frustrating watching my guildmates use their shiny new gear to ramp up dps, while my shiny new gear sits in my bag. So I’m really looking forward to the next wave.

  • Xiera

    If that’s right, then I like it. Reminds me of all the back to the dungeon sets of Classic, where you would get the D1 drop, then jump through hoops to trade it in for D2 (or something to that effect). It was pretty cool how that worked.

  • Balourd

    With the new ratings on T10 it wont be that painful to drop T8 for T10 because all those crit ratings will push us past the crit cap with T8 without any effort. I’m already sitting past the crit cap in 245ish gear.

    • Balourd

      i overlooked the set bonuses again and find the 2p T10 very attractive, since that for 6 sec, ALL nature and arcane damage will hit for 15% more damage. Thats including, insect swarm / moonfire crit ticks, Eclipsed Wrath (equivalent to T8 bonus) and Eclipsed starfires (15% more damage to 16k crits, you do the maths)
      AND in synergy with that set bonus, the 4 piece bonus will increase in damage. I can see some maths done about the bonuses and early conclusions lead to a 3.5 – 3.7% DPS upgrade per t10 set bonus, but considering the synergy between them and the eclipse buff, its probably more.

  • Qieth

    Balourd, thats all fine and dandy, but there is a huge difference between 6 seconds of +15% buff, and 15 seconds of either +15% damage or +15% crit. OOC has a PPM of 2,5, so you are looking at a total increase of 3,75% damage over a full minute of fighting. Not really ravaging.

    4pt10, by the way, seems to be a whooping 2,9% damage increase overall. Stunning.

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