Quel’Delar questline loot released

by on Nov.12, 2009, under Gear Discussion

The Icecrown 5man dungeon loot has been released, including the reward from the Quel’delar questline.  The 5man dungeon loot will be item level 232, with the questline weapon being 251.

Of COURSE, the DPS caster weapon is a sword, and the caster mace has mp5 on it.  *grumble*

Please see the MMO Champion post here for details on the loot.

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  • Seca

    With the recent talk about the “hybrid tax”, I can’t help but notice pure dps casters (mages & warlocks) can use swords, while hybrid dps casters (moonkin, shadowpriests, ele shaman) can’t. Hybrids instead get access to a healer weapon. :)

  • tubby

    Would have been nice to have a +hit leather piece in there. So I get to offend healers and mages again! Woohoo!

  • Doug

    Looks like they have updated the items, caster mace has had mp5 removed according to the link on mmo you posted, yey!

    Only the 219 ilvl stuff has mp5 now :)

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