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by on Nov.10, 2009, under General

I was made a full member in Seriously Casual this weekend.  I was actually fairly surprised as I was only brought on heroic Anub’arak once. (after they had burned their first 5 attempts).  This week, I was brought to Anub’arak with 50 attempts left!  Unfortunately due to a healer disconnect, we wiped on our first attempt, and lost our second attempt due to our healer reconnecting.  We got the kill on attempt #3.  Hopefully next week (the disconnect god willing), we’ll get a tribute to insanity.  Unfortunately, I’m too good at dodging orbs to be allowed to DPS on Twins, still. :(.

BTW, I’m looking for some CSS gurus to help me out with a small issue I’m having with multiple backgrounds (so I can fade out the current background).  If you’re knowledgeable and have a minute, please email me at Thanks!

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  • Ballerkin

    Similar story on our Insanity 25 man attempt this week – 50 attempts on Anub, then randomly had around 3-4 disconnects at the same time in P2, transitioning to P3. We played through it, but DPS was simply too low on the boss and a few peeps died, and we eventually hit enrage :(.

    Next weeks another week, I guess :)

    BTW – Nice work on the blog, seems to be growing very fast. Grats!

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