Gripe of the Week #7: MMO Champion

by on Nov.07, 2009, under General, Gripe of the Week

Am I the only one who dislikes that MMO-Champion forces you to try to install the java applet so you can watch when they’re streaming the Pro Gaming tournaments?  I’m just there to read about updates, not to see people game.

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  • Qieth

    I understand that they want to promote their tournaments, but I hate the java applet that pops up and locks Firefox for a good minute before you can get it to close. Second time it did it tonight, i actually had to restart my browser.

    I don’t care about PvP much, and I certainly don’t follow the arena tournament community, so i would never install such a plugin – heck, there are solutions that offer the same streaming without needing any new plugins.

    I just want the blue posts and boss peaks, not some guys turning this game into a job :P

  • Vizier

    I know for a fact it delayed my raid enough last night that it cost me my first Yogg-10 kill.

    Bored between Freya trash pulls, load up MMO-Champion…. *restart computer because my system is fail.*

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