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by on Nov.05, 2009, under General

There hasn’t been much to write about regarding changes to balance druids in 3.3, much to my chagrin, so I thought I’d offer up another update on what I’m doing in my raid life.

Raiding has actually been fairly relaxed, as we clear ToC/ToGC in one day, and that leaves me the rest of the week to get my hunter through 10man/25man ToC/ToGC (Sargeras actually has some decent pug runs, and thank god I have a 5K GS, that must mean I’m good!), or as I’ve been doing lately, enjoy real life.  Sometimes I forget how much of RL I’m missing until I actually have a break from the raid scene to enjoy it.  Mostly though, I’m just getting more and more annoyed that they seem to not want to address balance issues at all.

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  • Najtrok

    Hey Sunfyre,

    I really don’t get what your big problem mit boomkins is. Surely we have some little issues that may be annoying, but overall I think with the Eclipse Change they put us in a good position and Moonkin is really pretty much fun for me. Wouldn’t wanna play any other class :O

    Do you want to get the haste cap adressed? Or the AoE capability? Or want some “blink” stuff?
    With exception to haste, those are the things that pure dps should pwn us. At least thats my opinion.

    Yes I would love a glyph, that increases wrath cast time by a given % and also the dmg it does. But thats pretty much all I really have to complain about. I find it designed really nice, but perhpas it’s just me ;)

    • Sunfyre

      I think if you look at any parses of end game guilds that have Anub HM on farm, you’ll find that moonkin are falling behind the other DPS classes. There isn’t really a “pure” DPS class anymore. Utility classes are no longer just “utility”, as all classes bring utility. We’re scaling worse and worse as our gear gets better.

  • Najtrok

    Well I think I got to admit, that we don’t scale that well, but for Anub, I think it’s fine to fall behind. Though I have to agree that pure classes bring support by their own which is needed, thinking of +5% crit and stuff. Didn’t think of that.
    Think we have to see how ICC will work out, until now I think its okay.

  • Qieth

    I dont condone basing our performance on one fight alone – our AOE sucks, but on most fights we are an excellent addition to any raid group – provided we know how to play, ofcourse.

    My beef with Blizzard is that they haven’t adressed the issues we will face in the future, in ICC gear. It will be tough to pull the same level of DPS as other casters in ICC, i believe.

  • Sunfyre

    I honestly do not agree with you. I don’t want to fall into this “the rest of your raid DPS must suck”, but what does the rest of your raid pull for DPS, and what do you pull? I’ve honestly yet to see in my case, or any other case in ToGC where balance druids are keeping up with other high end casters.

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