Question of the Week: Pet Shop

by on Nov.05, 2009, under General

Question Mark Do you like the idea of being able to buy companion pets for cash?  Do you plan on buying one?

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  • Najtrok

    Since your blog is not that popular, I will just overlook that I normally don’t comment those cutey stuff :)

    No I will not buy one and I am not sure I like Blizzard implemented it. On the other hand I dont lose anything (I am not so much the emotional type in WoW) so I think I will have soon forgotten about it.

    What with you? Do you plan?

    On a totally different note: This is the coolest design of a moonkin blog I have ever seen. Actually I like it so much, I can’t imagine one blog that I like more, regarding the design :)
    And the new logo: Awesome!
    + You raid end content which I miss in my other blogs. Getting the impression none of the moonkins I read stuff from is ahead of me, content-wise, made me wonder. Now we are trying to get Anub in P3 so you’re pretty much ahead. For now ;)

  • Andrige

    I think it’s pretty greedy of them to do this buy-a-pet system. They’re obviously covering it up by making it charity to a certain date. From what I can read from this they’ll probably stop the charity sometime when people accept the fact that they’re trying to collect more cash with content (micro-transactions) that is only available by paying more.

    What stops them from keeping it like that always and possibly increase the percentage? It’s a digital distribution and almost completely automatic I’m sure of. It takes one artist maybe at most a few days paid work to create the pet that will then help raise a lot of funds for people in need.

    I’d buy a virtual vanity pet if it was for charity, but the underlying intent behind this makes me just think they’re greedy.

    @Najtrok: Thanks :) I’m doing a bit of commissions here and there to some Druid-blogs, such as BigBeatButt, Resto4Life, Upyursh and now this was my fourth. However, think this one came out best since I got free hands on the whole theme basically rather than just a logo.

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