Gripe of the Week #6: Broken Talent Tree

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Gripe of the Week

Ghostcrawler posted the following about Nature’s Grace:

I agree Nature’s Grace is a big part of the problem here. We changed Gift of the Earth Mother for pretty similar reasons. However, Nature’s Grace is a Really Big Deal. We honestly keep talking about changing it, but we’re also paranoid about screwing it up because Balance dps is dependent on it. NG is probably an overbudget talent, but in this case if we nerfed iit, we’d have to mess with Balance in a lot of other areas to compensate. We’ll almost certainly do it at some point, but I worry about messing with it for 3.3.

I’m glad he finally realizes something the rest of the community has been complaining about for a long time.  A lot of our DPS is situated around one or two talents (Nature’s Grace and Eclipse), and they have no short term method of ever fixing it.  Now if he could only admit that Eclipse is broken.

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  • Xiera

    Why is Eclipse broken?

    You waste it when moving? Fair enough, but you should still be able to maximise your Eclipse damage by moving as little as possible. This should only be a serious issue for less-skilled players.

    It’s based on RNG? So are a variety of other classes’ skills, including fire (and frost) mages and elemental shamans.

    We *do* need an alternative to Eclipse, but I’d like to see Eclipse stay around.

    I’m still not convinced that Nature’s Grace is so bad. Yes, it pushes Wrath below the GCD, but that’s not such a huge problem. I think a better solution might be not allowing spells with a non-instant cast time to cast faster than 1 second. This would help spell-queuing without reducing the value of haste for those spells (since GCD is 1 second anyways).

    • Sunfyre

      The problem with Eclipse is HOW RNG it is. (A 60pct chance of your crit rate, for Lunar). Often I’ll JUST proc the Eclipse when I have to run to a tank to get un-poisoned on the Jormungars, or right before the stun/knockback on Icehowl, or have to run from legion flame or infernals on Jaraxxus, or right before I have to move to another color on twins, and a lot of those fights it’s more then just a sidestep here or there, and by the time you get back, you may only get one-two Starfires off (because your Nature’s Grace has fallen off as well) before you have to re-proc Eclipse. If you’re unfortunate and you just wasted a solar eclipse, you have to go back to the magical RNG to get a lunar to come back up, and I’ve seen repeatedly where it’d take me 15 seconds to try to proc a SOLAR eclipse (let alone Lunar), and I just go back to trying to re-proc Lunar.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Yeah, I dont like Eclipse that much. And yet, as a Moonkin, I have no choice. They should up it to maybe 80pct… Although with all the moving around on many fights, it’s not really a fix.

    I guess we have to wait until Cata to see if they fix us at any rate.

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