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by on Oct.19, 2009, under Reader Questions

I just had a reader email me with some questions regarding TotC/TotGC, and I’d like to take the time to answer them and help him and possibly others out.  These are just my opinions and I’m betting others can give their input as well.

Wanted to say that I’ve been reading your blog regularly and quite enjoy it.  :)  I’m a recent conversion to moonkin after a full career of resto, and I really appreciate the tips I’m picking up.

I wondered if you’d consider a blog entry about some moonkin specific questions w/r to Tot(G)C.  If not, maybe you’d just e-mail me your thoughts on these questions.

1.  Northrend Beasts.  What’s the best thing to do when Icehowl is stunned?  Does this change if there is heroism?
I try to pop cooldowns when Icehowl is stunned.  I starfall and throw treants.  I generally don’t waste time with GCDs putting DoTs up, I just try to proc Lunar Eclipse ASAP and drop a few Starfire crits on him.

2.  Jarraxus.  I always seem to be on the wrong side and have to run for the adds.  Is there certain positioning that is better here?
I’ve always done the “Star Method” on Jaraxxus.  If you look at the floor below you, you’ll see there’s a star.  We stack our ranged in clumps of two at each of the points around the star.  Unless the mistress decides to book after someone who’s running away from legion flames, you should always have range on her.

3.  Val’kyr.  If not on soaker duty, do you actively pursue orbs?  Or just dps and let them come to you?
I don’t actively pursue them unless they’re a few steps away.  I do actively dodge the opposite color orbs though. ;)

4.  Anub.  What’s the best way to keep dps up during P2?  I’ve been doting scarabs as they emerge, and aoeing them once they are gathered, but my dps is still weak (relative to the raid).
Don’t know what to tell you regarding your DPS being weak.  It probably will stay that way, unless they change our mechanics.  I still like direct damaging Anub’arak during phase 1 instead of AoE, because our AoE on 5 targets isn’t that strong and it consumes a lot of mana.  I believe us staying directly on Anub’arak *is* important though.  If you look at DPS charts of damage done to Anub’arak, you should be in the top 1-2.  It’s important to keep enough damage in him to get him into phase 3 after two kite phases.  As for DPS during phase 2, I generally make up some chart space in phase 2 by finishing off the burrowers at the beginning, then staying on the scarabs.  I don’t bother much with AoE, just pick them off as they pop up.

Thanks for your time.  :)

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  • Seca

    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I should have added that my guild is pretty casual – we have just started meeting the dps requirements of grand beasts in the past couple of weeks.

    I hadn’t thought to save starfall for the Icehowl stun. Will definitely try it. Had wondered if trying to proc solar eclipse might work better when there’s no heroism.

    Will certainly suggest the star positioning on Jarraxus. Our positioning is pretty random at present. We’ll need more organization for TotGC.

    I think your Anub advice is good, tho I’d likely get called out if I didn’t dps the adds. Lately I’ve been bringing down frost spheres (when the GL asks who is going to do it, there is the sound of crickets as our 4 hunters make scarce). So my dps is garbage through P1 and P2 now. :)

  • Sunfyre

    There’s generally enough add DPS, and you can always throw in a typhoon, and a Starfall when the first wavec omes up. (I’ve found typhoon to be extremely handy during phase 2 as well due to the long range and the daze effect. It works well on the small scarabs). It’s equally important to have enough DPS on Anub’arak to ensure you’ll get him to phase 3 in two burrows, so your guild really shouldn’t take issue to you staying on him. This way you also ensure E&M stays up on him at all times which will amplify the AoE damage from the other spell casters in your raid.

  • Xiera

    I basically assigned myself to stay on Anub while the adds are out. We’re not on heroic yet, but we have him on farm on normal. Our raid leader wants everyone on the adds to burn them down quick, which, if you ask me, is a waste of some DPS. I played that way the first three attempts (read: wipes), then decided to stay on the boss while everyone else was on adds so we could get his health down faster. It worked great.

    Phase 2, I had been running around, waiting for a chance to AoE, but I’ll try Wrath-spam instead.

    Lots of good info there, Sunfyre. Thanks!

  • Drenos

    A typhoon on the adds of Anub is a bad idea, good tactic for adds would be holding them on ice under the boss. When you typhoon them, you kick them off the ice – away from the melee dps, and allowing them to burrow. Both these things are very bad, so you might want to not typhoon during Anub at all. Unless maybe you have the glyph that removes its pushback effect.

  • Sunfyre

    Of course I have the glyph — there’d be no reason not to have the glyph in 99pct of PvE scenarios.

  • Dane

    here we go again.. ‘

    DPS is a good value when you want to check your sustained damage /time for comparing your rotation on the Dummy in your major cities.

    Some people tend to use the DPS value to messure your damage done on a boss and that could be total incorrect.

    The damage done is what is used in raids to calculate how much damage you bring to a raid as “damage dealer” NOT As DPS wich is a bad assumption.

    In short damage done is what messure how much damage the boss recieved from you. Sometimes i see people with hight DPS that die during the middle of the fight still in top of dps but in terms of damage done last. DAMAGE DONE IS WHAT KILLS THE BOSS!!!!

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