Question of the Week: World Events/Violet Drake

by on Oct.18, 2009, under General

Question MarkAm I the only one who severely lost interest in doing the world events required for [achievement]2144[/achievement], once I got my first 310% mount?  I like achievement points, but I guess I’m not big enough of an achievement whore to put myself through the pain and misery of the holiday achievements.

What about you?

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  • Lobo BiZARro

    Well, thanks to X360 I have become and achievement whore. And as of late I am losing interest in WoW, but love the festivities. So, other than the Points, I just like completing every aspect of the festivity. I wont get the Drake until next year’s Childrens Week if I dont fail to get each festival title from Hallows End up to Childrens Week. I dont have a 310% mount, BTW. Just another incentive.

  • Xiera

    I haven’t been interested in World Events since the first time I did them — and even then, I wasn’t all that interested. Achievements and rewards did absolutely nothing to change that for me.

  • Seca

    It depends on the event. I find Noblegarden brutal. But most of the others are more enjoyable. I kinda like visiting all the old haunts lighting fires or picking up candy.

  • tubby

    My guild isn’t interested in doing hard modes or achievements, so that forced me to be interested in the World Even achievements.

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