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by on Oct.15, 2009, under General

Please join me in the damage dealing forums in this discussion regarding moonkin dps.  I didn’t start the thread, but it seems to share my similar opinion about movement spells overly penalizing us as we spend more time wasting Eclipse/procing Eclipse then using it.  The thread so far has been fairly troll free and qq free, and hopefully if enough people respond, the devs might pay attention.

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  • Zeitgeist

    Sun, I have been playing with the 4pc 245 iLvl bonus and franckly I don’t see a dps drop from 2pc t8 / 2pc t9. I haven’t seen a dps increase neither on dps test dummies. I can get to 6k dps with both sets on test dummies. Have you gotten a chance to play with the 4pc bonus? I have seen a crit % of starfire with the 4pc up to 80% and as low as 55%, the average is about 66%.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Test dummies have you standing in a place w/o having you to move. Can you pull the same DPS on Ony? I sure can’t. I shine in VoA, because most of the time I have to shift my position once or twice to get out of the flame or dust cloud. But on Ony, where she moves from one side to the other frikkin side JUST when we procced Lunar, is really devastating. If you can pull your full DPS on Ony, or any fight that has you shifting from spot to spot for what ever reason over 5-8 times, please share your strategy.

  • Zeitgeist

    I can pull 7k to 8k on ony (not counting the add phase, cause that is just a riduculus 10k – 11k phase). With both sets of gear.

    I use test dummies to get a neutral percentage of what certain gear can do, as you just said, one is just standing there.

    The only strategy i can share is position yourself ahead of time. If you know Eclipse is about to come just start moving to another spot and then proc eclipse, not that it is the best but it saves a lot of frustration.

  • Sunfyre

    The problem us using a “standing still” metric to gauge the two is not consistent with what we’ll see in raids. Ony is a standing still fight as well, and Eclipse should far outpace the 4pc T9 bonus, if it doesn’t, you’re doing something wrong. As more movement happens, Eclipse damage should still go down. While additional movement does help the 4pc T9 more, I still think that 2pc/2pc would be a better bet until 4pc T9.58

  • Zeitgeist

    Other than having lower spell power, crit and haste with 2pc/2pc than with the 4pc, I really don’t see what i’m doing wrong. Guess the stat upgrade from full t9 is equal to the benefits of the 2pc/2pc. Maybe I should Powerlvl JC and drop Herbalism.. sigh.. i liked my Herbs.

  • Sunfyre

    If you actually look at the difference between 2pc/2pc and 4pc T9.45, there really isn’t that much difference in stats. I compare the two in my BiS page. You’re only talking about two pieces of gear, here.

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