Tier 10 Balance Relic Released

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Gear Discussion

According to MMO-Champion, the following is the Tier 10 balance relic:

The periodic damage from your Insect Swarm and Moonfire spells grants 44 critical strike rating for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

I hope I’m not the only one not impressed by this. ┬áThis allows IS and MF to grant 220 critical strike rating, versus the current T9 idol which allows MF to grant 200 critical strike rating.

I realize adding insect swarm to the mix allows for some versatility, but this hardly seems worth an upgrade, especially if you have to spend badges for it.

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  • Cybac

    Would need to do some more math on this, the addition of the extra +20 crit rating is not impressive at all but adding in IS to the mix and you *should* reach the maximum 5 stacks earlier in your rotation if your using the IFF/IS/MF/Wrath till eclipse/Starfire till eclipse/Refresh rotation.

    That might be enough of an increase to make it worthwhile, if its just 2-3 more casts you get off with maximum stacks it might add up to a marginal increase.

    Not suggesting its going to be awesome just that it might not be as bad as it first looks particularly for chucking out on a trash mob to gain the full 5 stack buff before putting out some AoE.

    Judgement reserved :)

  • Sunfyre

    When you say “earlier in your rotation”, what exactly are you referring to? There’s currently no stacks with the existing idol, it just procs and you have the full value. I guess it is possible you’d have increased uptime as there’s a tendency for moonfire to fall when you’re under solar eclipse. (I try to refresh IS right when I flip from Lunar/Solar via WiseEclipse, but I don’t bother refreshing Moonfire). Besides that, I don’t see much of a gain.

    On the other hand, it looks like all classes are getting similar “mild upgrades” from their T9 idols, it isn’t just us.

  • Xiera

    I’m not overly enthusiastic about this, but it’s certainly not bad. It should have 99% uptime or so, a slight improvement from our current idol. And it won’t really change our rotations substantially because we’re all either (a) keeping both DoTs up all the time, (b) keeping MF up all the time and using IS during solar Eclipse, or (c) using MF during lunar and IS during solar. No matter what, we have our DoTs ticking and thus refreshing the duration on our stacks.

    I think this is Blizzard’s response to my claim that “we have no reason to keep IS up all the time with the new idol and 2T9″, but this isn’t really how I would picture fixing that.

    Here’s one solution: “Periodic damage from your Insect Swarm spell has a chance to grant 22 critical strike rating for 15 seconds, stacks up to 5 times. Period damage from your Moonfire spell has a chance to grant 22 spell power for 15 seconds, stacks up to 5 times.” That’s 110 SP and crit if you keep both DoTs up at all times. If you don’t keep both DoTs up, you run the risk of the buff dropping off and it would have to start stacking all over again. It would take 10 seconds of IS and 15 seconds of MF for the buffs to fully stack.

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