Gripe of the Week #4: Where’s The Love?

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Gripe of the Week

GoTW #4:  The only real change balance druids have seen since WotLK release is the change to [spell]Eclipse[/spell] in 3.2.  While that did provide some relief, in my opinion, it was not enough.  It seems the Blizzard devs have taken a blind eye to balance druids.  We’ve had underwhelming set bonuses since 2pc T8, we have an underwhelming idol for T10, and they continue to put all of our eggs in the Eclipse basket, so to speak.  Continuing to balance our class around one talent that becomes worse and worse the more and more you move, with new fights progressively requiring more movement, is not improving our DPS.  Shadow priests, another class that have had issues, have seen some love given to them in 3.3 via Haste, and revamped Glyphs.   It’s our turn.

What issues have you seen as an endgame balance druid, and what do you suggest to fix it?  I’ve had a few thoughts.  Back in beta, [item]Glyph of Starfire[/item] did not have a limit on how many ties it could refresh.  This would be helpful, as well as potentially an ability that allows us to keep [spell]Insect Swarm[/spell] up at all times, potentially proc’d off [spell]Wrath[/spell].

I sometimes think that our core community is too small to be noticed amongst all the trolls and other classes out there, and that’s what keeps us from being heard.

Please give me your feedback!

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  • Xiera

    Returning to the Glyph of Starfire would have an interesting impact on our DPS. If it extends Moonfire one tick every Starfire, we could extend Moonfire by a full 15 seconds (duration of Eclipse) in 5 casts. It’d be interesting to see what the tradeoff would be between using Eclipse and keeping MF up without having to recast it. We would probably want enough haste to keep our Starfire at or under 1.5 seconds, so we’d be stacking haste exclusively. I doubt that’s what Blizz wants.

    I’d be interested in seeing a Glyph of the Lunar Eclipse that keeps solar as 30% more damage, and lunar no longer gives 30% additional chance for Starfire to crit, but rather makes your Starfires cast 30% faster. Now *that* would be fun.

    • Xiera

      An addendum to my last post:

      Though I supposed we’d only be stacking crit if my suggestion came true, so, while interesting, I’m not sure it’d achieve Blizz’s desired result.

      Nonetheless, yeah, we do need something to spice things up a bit.

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