Tier 10 Armor Preview and Set Bonuses

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Thanks to our friends at MMO-Champion, the Tier 10 Armor has been data-mined, and set bonuses have been discovered (although the data mine doesn’t seem to be perfect for all the set bonuses… the intent is there).

First, the tier gear.  Click on the image for full size:

To be honest, I’m not sure what I think of it yet.  It’s definitely… different.  The shoulders remind me of venus fly traps on steroids.

And now onto the set bonuses:

The 2 piece bonus looks like an interesting new take on things, and with as often as Omen of Clarity procs, I think this could be a nice sustained DPS upgrade.  (And a great boost to Hurricane damage as well).   It looks like they responded to the feedback from balance druids and have updated the 4 piece bonus.  This one looks interesting.  On a 15,000 Starfire crit, you’re looking at 750 extra damage, and on a 10,000 wrath crit you’re looking at 500.  I’ll have to theorycraft it later to see how the exact numbers work out for a DPS value.

FYI, here’s the restoration and feral bonuses.

  • Item – Druid T10 Feral 2P Bonus – Your Swipe (Bear) and Lacerate abilities deal 20% additional damage and the cost of your Rip ability is reduced by 10 energy.
  • Item – Druid T10 Feral 4P Bonus – Your Enrage ability no longer decreases your armor and instead decreases all damage taken by 12%, and the periodic damage done by your Rake ability can now be a critical strike.

The feral bonuses both intrigue me.  I think they’ll be quite the buff for tanking as well as DPS.  The resto balances also seem pretty interesting as well.  While I’m not sure what the actual reduction will be on the Wild Growth decay, it will be a pretty big boost to the spell, and the chain rejuvenation seems neat.

EDIT: Updated the Balance bonuses.  Damage was increased from 10% to 15% for 2pc, and 4pc bonus was revamped completely.

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  • Xiera

    I’m not particularly thrilled with either bonus. The 2T10 bonus would have roughly 20% uptime, which isn’t awful, but that amounts to a mere 3% DPS increase. That, added to the stat increases, may make it more worthy than 4T9, but it doesn’t stand to touch 2T8 still, which is quite disappointing. (By the way, the stat increases will probably render the 2T8 discussion moot.)

    The 4T10 bonus will only be strong if we can stand and nuke and consistently get crits more than once every 4 seconds, because it will continue to stack and reset the duration every time you crit. Sounds great, but what if you have to move to avoid something? It falls off and you have to start over. What happens if you have to refresh DoTs? Same thing. It’s okay, but it’s not as amazing as it might seem at first.

    I think 2T9 will stick with us in Cit. It’s a pretty powerful bonus and far more reliable than the 4T10 bonus. As for whether to go with 2T10 — we’ll have to see what non-set pieces are available.

  • Xiera

    Might as well respond about the other druid bonuses too.

    The feral tanking bonuses are both strong. More threat and reduced damage for 10 seconds every minute. Very nice. And it makes Enrage another “oh shit” button.

    The feral DPS bonuses are rather… weak. The 2 piece is actually annoying. It already sucks when you get a Clearcasting proc as you’re getting ready to hit Rip, reducing Rip’s energy cost will only reduce the effect of the Clearcasting proc — ferals will really have to be on their toes to make sure they’re using Shred when they get Clearcasting. The 4 piece is kind of weak as well. Rake was originally included in the Primal Gore talent that gives Lacerate and Rip a chance to crit. Rake really should have stayed in that talent, especially with the recent nerfs to feral DPS. Adding it as a 4-piece set bonus is just plain weak.

    Both of the resto bonuses are interesting. The Wild Growth one will mean that trees WILL be casting it on every cooldown. That’s fine — it’s a HUGE healing bonus. The Rejuv one seems kinda unreliable. 2% chance every tick? That’s really not a lot. Maybe if they made it equal to the tree’s crit chance? I could see that being far more interesting (though probably insanely overpowered).

  • Sunfyre

    Well, I definately will be using 2pc T10 for AoE fights, considering how often clearcasting procs with Hurricane.

  • Balourd

    Two thumbs up to blizzard for itemizing our set item way better than the last ones.
    No spirit at all on either of the pieces
    only 2 pieces with hit, rest is haste-crit-sp.
    red and yello sockets only, +sp socket bonuses. Makes it worth it to put some reckless or wicked monarch topaz in there to get the bonuses.

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