The rise and fall of guilds

by on Oct.07, 2009, under Rants

A friend recently told me, “A guild born from drama will end in drama.”

The guild I was in, Forceful Entry, was born from drama.  Most of the players from Forceful Entry were from Vicarious, a once well respected and well known guild on Area 52.  Due to several circumstances involving the guild master selling loot from Ulduar (instead of doing hard modes), most of the members decided to depart, and Forceful Entry was the guild born.

Over the last few weeks (and I’ve blogged about this), we’ve had an issue with a revolving door of healers, where we could not keep any worthwhile healer recruits for more then a week or two.  This has severely stunted our ability to progress on heroic Anub’arak, and even made some of the easier hard modes difficult.

Another issue we’ve faced is a decision the guild made prior to the release of TotGC.  The guild decided to focus on TotGC and gearing for Icecrown instead of continuing our effort to kill Yogg+0 (with a bunch of 245+258 gear).  This decision allowed a lesser progressed guild to slide in and take Death’s Demise.  A lot of egos were bruised and a lot of our seasoned players decided to retire.  This was a catalyst for even more people to leave the guild/server transfer, and our GM decided to pass the reins to an emo 19 year old who’s forever destined to live at home.  (But damn it, when he’s living at home at the age of 30, he’ll still be amazing at World of Warcraft!).

I actually decided to begin looking elsewhere once many of my close friends transferred, and it looked like the downward spiral was no longer recoverable.  I did not log in to raid this week, so I would not end up saving myself, in case I ended up transferring. The changing of GM guard was just an added nail in the coffin.

I learned a lot from FE, and I actually met a guildie IRL, and made friends with a few people I’d like to maintain outside just the guild atmosphere.

So now I’m looking for a new guild.  My target is another guild that’s either close to Anub’arak hardmode being dead, or having TotGC cleared.  If any of you know of any,  let me know.  I’ve seriously considered rolling Alliance.  I’ve played Horde since day one of WoW launch, and playing Alliance would be a whole new game for me ((plus, what would I do with 1% less hitcap?!))  I must say I was rather impressed with a certain guild I applied to.  It’s not often that someone in the guild actually asks you about real balance theorycrafting/gear/rotation/etc, as generally, no one else in the guild KNOWS about it.  It’s nice to be judged based on my balance druid knowledge and merits and not just a mage or shadow priest looking at my gear and thinking it looks decent.

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  • Ballerkin

    Good luck bro. If there is one thing I like about being a moonkin is that — if a guild needs one, they need one, and you are pretty much set in terms of a raid spot.

    I’d recommend scouring through around the top 100-150 US guilds on WoWProgress. Either based on ToGC ranking or Ulduar hardmode ranking.

    My guild has not stepped into Ulduar25 once as a guild when we could do ToGC, but, then again, we were fortunate enough to have downed Yogg +0 before we could do ToGC.

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