Question of the Week: Arena Composition

by on Oct.04, 2009, under PVP Discussion

Question Mark What arena compositions do you feel work well with moonkin? I’m thinking either a frost mage for 2s, as it would be high burst, or perhaps a ret or holy paladin, and a paladin/mage for 3s. What do you guys use?

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  • Felestarian

    I run with a holy pally, but I am hoping to get a ret pally instead. I had alot of success with a ret pally back in S3

  • Lobo BiZARro

    I’ve seen Moonkin/Rogue in a few vids… Arena is a bit more Hardcore PvP and never done it, so looking forward to your experience. GL!! Might dabble in Arena at a later time…

  • Ballerkin

    I’ve ran as PvE geared Moonkin/Ret pally — did okay as pally cd’s really help keep us alive and they will usually be attacked first.

    My favorite comp, however, was moonkin + resto shammy. Shammy would go PvP geared, I would go in PvE geared — they would usually try to nuke him and usually leave me alone to crush them :D

    That said, my ratings never really got too high so I’m no PvP pro.

  • Xiera

    Disclaimer: The following is based off the last time I theorycrafted arena — during TBC when my feral was my main.

    For 3s, you’ll want a class that has a reduces healing taken debuff — frost mages (which you mentioned) are an example of this. Other than that, you fill the hybrid DPS/emergency heals role, and you’ll want a full-time healer — pallies are overpowered healers in arena, obviously.

    For 2s, a rogue or ret pally would be great, I think. Stunlock and nuke the first one down, then go heals for the second target.

  • Balourd

    surprisingly i achieved 1700s with bad pvp geared moonkin and enhancement shaman back in BC. now that enhancement shamans got buffed and with the good amount of gear, i could see this very competitive. i imagine bursting down a target is pretty doable, while putting pressure with treants/wolves on the healer or if its necessary get them to burst down your target with oyu guys. then if things go bad you can both offheal and help each other survive. Hexing / Cycloning is a good combo to short-term CC a healer.
    After seeing Ret pally / Enh shaman / BM hunter do good in 3s arena, i could see moonkin / enh shaman /BM h unter be a nice beastcleave for 3s.
    but 1700s is the highest i got in arenas so i might be wrong.

  • Sagan

    Yo. First id like to say good work with ur site man i just discovered it, and gl with it. Im happy there are other moonkins out there crazy enough to make a site :). I also play druid a long time (more than 4 years, 3 of them as oomkin -boomkin4life!), but enough about me.

    As for ur question, i play pvp since season 1, though the only time i rly shined was at season4 when we got boosted -reached 2k rating with a holy pala friend of mine. Since then ive tried many combos and have to say that moonkin-rogue is one of the best and fun. He stunlocks getting melee dps off ur ass many time, and gives u time to burst, and u both can reset when things get rough, ofc ull need to heal a lot in every game but dont overdo it, you re not playing restokin, u have to burst. I definetely suggest u this combo, though u should try with a healer if u dont much pvp experience, and then with a rogue. Mage is good, but not that good as rogue. Sry for long text, thats all for me, keep making us moonkins proud! Feel free to log anytime if u want to ask me anything, i play at Genjuros EU, here is my armory

  • Matriarch

    Well me and my pal are doing arena 2v2, He is a Disc priest and me a moonkin. I have no clue of it being a good combo or not, but its rather fun. (Isn’t that what it’s all about ;) And Yes, we havent played for that much pvp. But we are winning more than loosing, so thats good so far. Better gear and more training and we will do better I believe :)

  • Fearon

    === 2 verus 2 ===
    You need to play with a class that can do CC because you got very limited CC. If that class also has a MS effect it’s ever better. The following classes are good with a moonkin:
    – Frost mage
    — Good: CC, interrupt, survival, MS, burst
    — Bad: Mana
    – Rogue
    — Good: CC, interrupt, MS, surival, stealth, damage
    — Bad: Doesn’t profit from moonkin aura
    – Destro lock + pet
    — Good: CC, interrupt, damage, burst
    — Bad: Survival against melee
    – Shadow priest
    — Good: CC, silence, MS, surival, damage, burst
    — Bad: Mana

    === 3 vs 3 ===
    The same as above but you may add Elemental shaman to the list.

    === The rest ===
    Ofcourse you can play with other classes but it will make your life as a Moonkin even harder because they lack something vital.

  • Blueemerald

    Dude, For 2vs2 a shamen of any kind is very very good, He/she pops hero and we cast starfall they die so fast

  • Anarchitty

    There are a few comps considered viable in high rated arena as Owl.
    those are:

    “Owlplay”, which is boomkin, shadowpriest, restoshaman

    “LSD”, which is Boomkin, Warlock, restoshaman

    Rogue, Moonkin, Restoshaman works too.

    Bottomline; you want bloodlust.

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