3.3 Preview

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Gear Discussion

So far, looks like balance druids really haven’t been touched in 3.3. A few tooltips have been re-worded (Genesis and Nature’s Grace), although I do not believe the actual function of the tooltips has changed. In alignment with everyone else, our lower rank spells have had costs reduced, although I don’t see that to be very useful for much. (Perhaps PvP?). Resto druids got a pretty big nerf, though, as [spell]rejuvenation[/spell] had it’s additional tick removed. [spell]63411[/spell] got nerfed pretty heavily too, with armor being reduced to 80%. As for ferals, [spell]Swipe (Bear)[/spell] was increased to an 8 yard range. I’ll keep you posted of any other changes we see on the PTR.

Update: According to mmo-champion, [spell]63411[/spell] was not altered in 3.3, the tooltip was simply clarified.

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