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by on Oct.01, 2009, under PVP Discussion

I’ve decided I’m going to make my off-spec PvP, and begin to dabble a bit in moonkin PvP.  I’ve got a few pieces of the first level 80 arena seasons lying around, as well as some off-set pieces from when I dabbled as resto.  I’m trying to decide though, if possibly maintaining my 2pc T9 and/or 2pc T8 would be worth it at the lower ranks, as they both grant quite a bit of additional burst damage.  Your thoughts?

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  • Ballerkin

    I used to try Arena’s — nothing amazing, I think the highest I ever got was like 1400 lol.

    Still, from my limited experience, I found that I was winning more using my PvE gear than my PvP gear.

    Since I ran with a resto shammy, they would usually try to burn him down, and I guess they were never expecting to get hit with some huge crits :)


  • Lobo BiZARro

    I just purchased the pieces you get from Honor in Ogr, Blanace set. Meh… PvPing with my Hunter and Warlock was a breeze. PvPing as a Moonkin is a challenge lol Maybe why I like Balance Druid so much.

    I am dabbling with Restokin, but as was pointed out, it’s more of an Arena build, so I might respec into a more deep Balance build for WG/BG since it’s what I mostly do. My thinking was, since I am going 31/0/40 my heals is pretty strong so wear Balance set to complement my Damage spells. It’s all fine and dandy till they get up close. You can’t become Moonkin for the Armor boost cause you can’t heal yourself. And if you in caster mode, sure, you can heal yourself, last a few seconds longer but eventually they will tear you apart from your lack of armor, and accomplish nothing because you were prolonging your death instead of doing damage. So, as long as no one get’s near you, your great. The problem is you don’t have the fire power of a well specced Moonkin. So I figured to just leave Restokin alone, and go back to full balance. Least that way I have Force of Nature, starfall, Typhoon, etc. That way I can do a War stomp, push em away tag a few with DoTs and turn around get some back up. Not that Moonkins are cowards, but let’s face it, we are very squishy! We got the tools guys, we really do. We just can’t be approached while we unleash them.

  • Xiera

    I’ve done battlegrounds on this character, but not arena. Resilience gear is really only for arena. In battlegrounds, you’re either swarmed or swarming — mass damage in or mass damage out — resilience isn’t going to be a factor in those situations. Just use your PvE gear and if you can get a pocket healer, even better.

    • LoboBiZARro

      Oh yeah, most certainly! Nothing like a good healer on your side. And I agree, PvP equipment is mostly for a 1 or 2 against you, not when you have 6+ wailing on your. But the thing about PvP armor, and as a note, I only buy the equipment you get with just Honor Points, is that I can enchant and gem them with sta or other bonus like stun resist or fear duration lowered, etc. You are going to get capped at 75k Honor Points anyway, might as well not let it go to waste.

    • LoboBiZARro

      Agreed, nothing like a good healing covering your squishy hide. Now, on the PvP armor topic, I mainly buy the one you purchase with just Honor Points. I do quite a bit PvP, so I find myself capped most of the time at 75k. Might as well purchase it and Gem/Enchant for PvP to give you a bit more chance. Might as well use the Honor Points and not let them go to waste, especially if you are capped.

  • Seca

    I don’t have arena experience as moonkin, but this might be an idea for 5s where (unfortunately) you’re probably not going to be seen as the prime threat and the lack of resilience may go somewhat unnoticed. But in 2s or 3s you are likely to be “discovered” and focussed.

    I do moonkin in BGs, and w/o pvp gear stun-lock = death. I’m willing to give up some burst for a fighting chance here (hopefully keep the rogues from laughing at me). :)

  • Poki

    I play a lot of BGs on Moonkin, and I stack 900+ resil, purely from HP farming and no arena. Why resil over PvE…play to Moonkin stregths…we are lightly armoured cavalry – with right glyphs we have 2 decents dots, 2 instant disruptive aoe spells, a bit of CC and decent mobility. Resil gear gives us a real edge, it keeps us up for precious extra seconds, and that might allow us to unleash another typhoon, get a starfall off, keep moonfire ticking.

    If we do get the opportunity to stand and cast, then you’ll still get to lay out decent damage, 13-15K crits might not be seen a lot, but you’ll get them.

    Moonkin in BGs is about playing disruption, breaking up group attacks or softening them up with big splashy aoes.

  • Fearon

    Hello all,

    I play both BG’s as high rated arena as Moonkin. My tip is: Get as mutch PvP gear as you can. S

    ure you can do nice crits in PvE gear but when someone even blinks at you, you will die. PvP gear makes it possible for you to win even 3vs1 fights simple because you can survive the burst. YOu will still have to keep healing yourself a lot though because even with all that resil and hp you will remain squishy.

    Btw at 1.1k resil no class can burst you down.

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