Praise the Loot Gods

by on Sep.29, 2009, under Gear Discussion

The loot gods smiled at me tonight in Trial of the Crusader, and I was able to pick up [item]47422[/item], and then by virtue of being the only druid in the raid, I picked up [item]47438[/item].  I think this puts me at 9 slots BiS towards my T8/T9 BiS list.  I’m hoping for [item]47469[/item] next.  The non-leather pieces, (ring, cloak, trinkets) are going to be the hardest to pick up.

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  • Xiera

    Congrats! I was lucky enough to pick up the non-heroic version of Blade of Tarasque the very first week. Pick up the ToC offhand and you’ve got yourself a potent combination there. I’m at the point where I only have to pick up the amulet, cloak, ring, trinket, and offhand, so I feel your pain moving forward. Best of luck to you!

  • Macbook

    I need all of those items. Thx.

  • dix

    is there a chardev profile around from your BiS List, as you mentioned?


  • Sunfyre

    If you look under “Moonkin Raiding: ToC BiS”, you’ll see a few different chardev profiles aimed for Horde druids. I’m going to have to do them for alliance now that I’ve faction changed.

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