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by on Sep.29, 2009, under Gripe of the Week

Have you ever felt like you’re being punished for keeping a gemmed, enchanted, well geared resto set?  We’ve had a high turnover of healers lately, especially resto druids, but after a few weeks of being sent resto, it gets old.  Have you ever noticed people don’t expect feral druids, enhancement shaman, or retribution paladins to keep a resto/holy set?  It seems like the only classes who really ever get shoved into it are balance druids and shadow priests.  I rarely (if ever) even see our elemental shaman spec resto.  Sometimes I consider just destroying my resto gear.  Are any of the rest of you in this same situation?

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  • Lobo BiZARro

    That’s what happened to me. Ever since I dinged lvl 60, I was expected to dual spec Resto, and I did. It wasn’t that bad, but every instance I did up to 80 was as Resto, never Balance. Not once. So, come 80 and it got worse. To the point where every time I joined a group I was made healer by default, while pallies joined as DPS and a few Feral Druids. It was with feral that was worse, because I could never need Leather for Balance because the Feral also had Balance off spec. I snapped. Balance is my main spec! So, I decided the hell with Resto. I use my off spec as PvP. Not that there isn’t a bad side cause now the groups some times takes a while to find a healer, but they have them to blame for abusing my help. And it’s easier to just watch for DPS gear on runs… I am enjoying playing WoW ever since I dropped Heals. When I saw Ballerkin pick up Resto, I shivered lol Hope it was not obligated by his Guild… That only leads to switching main specs…

  • Xiera

    I’ve been pretty lucky myself. I decided to go off-spec resto because I enjoy healing 5-mans and even 10-mans, but I’ve only once ever been asked to heal in a 25-man, and that was only for one fight — Mimiron, I think.

    That said, I frequently heal 10-mans, and our shadowpriests and ele shaman are also frequently asked to go healing spec. I think the limited expectations revolve around being able to have multiple specs use (more or less) the same gear. For example, my alt is a feral druid (DPS, tank offspec), and trying to get a healing set for her has been substantially more difficult because I can’t just throw my DPS gear into missing slots.

    As for my resto gearset… it’s mostly gemmed (not epic gems though) and not enchanted. Frankly, it’s not worth the gold or time for me. And I generally don’t roll offset on items in 25-man, so any of my healing gear is from 10-mans or badge loot.

    But, yeah, here’s to hoping you’re not stuck in that role for long!

  • kindercan

    i’ve healed one fight ever, 4 horsemen, spect balance, i healed the off tank while the dps downed the first horseman, other than that, i’ve never even considered dual specing heals. i do have a full heroics tanking set, because when i first joined this guild they said they needed tanks. i have been toying with a healers set, since recently it seems we’ve been a little short. as one of the top dps in our 25 mans, my guild is well aware of my value as a dps especially on things like mimiron 3rd phase when i have to dps and tank the head. i’m quite happy just being dps and have never had an issue with people wanting me to dual spec heals.

  • Seca

    Well I’ve got the opposite problem. :) We seem to have several healers who refuse to dps (despite having nice dps gear), so when we have too many I’m generally the first who gets asked to switch (even if it means running 4 holy pallies and no trees).

    Wouldn’t be so bad, except dps meters are somewhat unkind to healer main-specs running around in sub-par dps gear. I usually end up feeling like a drag on the raid.

  • Rustan

    I have the opposite problem as well. I do consider my main spec to be balance but also love running as resto. Even though I am usually not asked to heal I somehow managed to pull togethor a 4 piece set of T8 gear for heals. I have to admit that it is fun going from dps to heals and topping the meters lol.

  • Lenwë

    I feel like you, i hate heal, and not have healer gear, because, i really hate…
    I’m thinking about getting my dual spec as balance pvp. even if I did not go play pvp hehe

  • LoboBiZARro

    I have found it a bit of fun healing as a Restokin though lol This one group made me laugh, went to do the Brewfest Boss and I was 3rd in DPS and 1st heals. They were like "Hey, I thought you said you were Heals. Where is the Tree? You just did 2K DPS!" 2K DPS is not a lot, but it sure is when you are the Heals lol Oh God but healing sucks. I really got burnt out of Healing groups.

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