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by on Sep.28, 2009, under General

Not much more to update on [npc]34564[/npc].  Still struggling in phase 3, or more recently, even getting to phase 3.  After looking at our own parses and other guilds parses who’ve killed him, this just doesn’t seem to be a good fight for moonkin dps.  I think our best option is to stay on Anub’arak, and only AoE when adds are up right after he burrows, but that still keeps me in the bottom quartile.

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  • Xiera

    With all the AoE that’s going on, I don’t think those numbers are going to change much. I can’t see your talents at the moment, but Heroic Anub’arak really necessitates Gale Winds, and even then mages, marksman hunters, combat rogues, etc., will probably be above you. I think the biggest thing is just doing your part on fights like this. If that means AoE, that means AoE and pray for Omen of Clarity procs. If that means single-targeting the boss, then that’s what that means.

    I’ll note that we’re not venturing into ToGC yet, so I don’t have any first-hand experiences to share. We downed Anub on normal though, and I have to stay on the boss (rather than taking down the adds) just so we can get him down fast enough.

    • Sunfyre

      That’s another thing Xiera brings up. Even though I’m usually in the bottom quartile on damage, I’m #1 or #2 on damage to Anub’arak by phase 3. If I stayed on adds we’d be challenged getting him to phase 3 before the next burrow.

  • Ballerkin

    Meh. I’ve heard its a big AoE fight, but I don’t even think the added AoE I might bring to the table will even be worth the 50g respec cost.

    I don’t find myself AoEing much while he is or ISN’t burrowed, lol. I sometimes pop Hurricane if I can hit the 4 burrowers and Anub himself, and while he’s burrowed I can’t seem to find a nice spot to hit 3+ adds, so I usually just multi-DoT a couple.

    Starfall is VERY NICE on this fight, but yes, I think we are destined to be very near the bottom on this fight. Kind of makes me a sadkin.

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