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by on Sep.26, 2009, under General

I’m not going to keep updating whenever another 500 people keep viewing, but 3 weeks ago when I started writing, I never thought anyone would bother reading, and I’ve been tracking views for a week now, and as of today we’ve broken 1000 views.  I said earlier I had planned on a small surprise for a few people, and there’s two which I’ve offered them to.  Both Lenwë and Xiera have commented on multiple posts of my blog, and I’ve given them both e-mail addresses.  I know a lot of you have come here via Google or other search engines.  If there’s anything you’d like me to enhance upon, please let me know via comment or e-mail!

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  • Lobo BiZARro

    Well, I don’t know if you do PvP or not, but I am having trouble finding Moonkin PvP guides or strategies or builds, etc. I know we are not the best at PvP, and I know we have the right tools to be one of the best if we were not so gimped, but I still enjoy PvPing as Moonkin. So, yeah, if you do any PvP as Moonkin, some coverage on that would be nice.

    BTW, I was linked over from… in case you wanted to know :D Both of your Blogs are my fav source of Moonkin info, sadly both lack up to date PvP coverage :D

  • Xiera

    Wow. Firstly, I’m just blown away right now. I enjoy helping the moonkin community, but never expected to actually be recognised for it. Thanks for the shout-out and thanks for writing this blog — a lot of good info here.

    My guild isn’t quite as elite as yours and others, so reading up about your experiences in these fights before I see them will continue to be beneficial for me and my guild. (We’re 12/14 Uld and 5/5 ToC, but haven’t downed any HMs on 25-man yet.)

    As for PvP, do you mean arenas or battlegrounds? Battlegrounds are pretty much “stay with the group, pewpew, and don’t die”, while arenas are much more strategy-dependent and rely heavily on group makeup. It’d be difficult to write a guide for every combination of people you play with and against. I think most moonkins go “restokin” for arenas.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Yeah, I was kinda vague in my PvP petition lol I’ll have to look restokin up then.

    I mainly do WG, which is more BG than Arena. I might dabble in Arena with some friends, but I don’t think they like the idea of me going in as Moonkin :( Our PvP survivability really needs to be looked at… unless it’s at the expense of PvE, then no.

    • Sunfyre

      They’ve made some recent changes to Typhoon and Moonkin Form/reduced stun damage… my PERSONAL philosophy when I do WG or BGs is to get a healer and nuke in full PvE gear. I usually top killing blows/damage done without much effort.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Yeah, I think thats what is best. I switched out my Resto spec for Restokin, def lasting longer in WG, it took quite a few to get me down, but still, all I could do was keep moving and heal. I guess that’s the main PvP problem a Moonkin suffers, when they get on you, there is no real means to escape. It would be nice if they could give us an AoE Root. We control Nature, why can’t we do something like that? Restokin seems to work great for Arena, and medicore for BGs, but I still need to learn to play it. But an AoE root would be a great way to give us a bit more survivability in PvP. I dunno, sometimes I get frustrated and feel like I should lvl a Hunter lol

  • Xiera

    Travel Form, using instant HoTs to auto-unshift and then back into Travel Form. You’d be surprised how long people will chase you without switching targets. Also, make yourself a couple macros:

    /cast !Moonkin Form


    /cast !Travel Form

    Chains of Ice? *uses the macro* What Chains of Ice?

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