In-game Fixes to ToC

by on Sep.22, 2009, under General

The following in-game fixes were applied to Trial of the Crusader today:

  • The Faction Champions encounter in the normal 10-player and normal 25-player Trial of the Crusader instances have had a number of spells and abilities altered which should result in less overall damage.
  • The Anub’arak encounter has been changed on all difficulties. Anub’arak now attacks faster, the Nerubian Burrowers should hit a little harder, and their Expose Weakness ability now caps at 9 stacks.

My comments:

The faction champions encounter was nerfed most likely as a direct result of the [spell]Throwing Specialization[/spell] nerf.  We’ll see if it truly is a nerf, or still much much harder without [spell]Fan of Knives[/spell].  Heroic was not nerfed, so that will definately be a challenge.

The Anub’arak buff is interesting.  Anub’arak already hit like a truck, and I’m curious if perhaps they reduced his damage per attack although his attack speed has increased.  The nerubian burrower change is interesting, and I’m not sure if they were buffed or nerfed, with the change to it’s expose weakness.  I’ll keep you updated.

Update:  So we were still able to one-shot heroic faction champs.  We kept a melee on each of the healers interrupting, and focus fired the top DPS down first.  (Rogue, then hunter).  It definitely seemed more manageable then I thought.

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