Progression Update: Anub’arak Phase 3 (Heroic)

by on Sep.21, 2009, under General

In case you’re curious on Forceful Entry’s progression, we’re still pounding away at phase 3 Anub’arak.  We can safely get to phase 3, but that’s when all hell breaks loose.  Congratulations to Blood Legion US-Illidan on being the first US Horde guild to kill Anub’arak.  CUTIES ONLY of Kil’jaeden wasn’t far behind.

Disclaimer:  If you look at my talent spec and wonder why it’s .. odd, it’s due to this fight.  Anub’arak is a very AoE intensive fight and I’ve spec’d as such.  Once we manage to down him I’ll post more details on our strategy.

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  • Lenwë

    Great blog man^^

    Gz for progression on toc. Im still trying get a group for close the content of 10man once more, its so dificult to Casual players /:

    I like your blog theme…^^

    PS.: SOrry my english is bad, im brazilian hehe.

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