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by on Sep.20, 2009, under General

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What weapon are you currently shooting for out of Trial of the Crusader?

I’m currently using [item]Staff of Endless Winter[/item] but I’m waiting for [item]48036[/item] to drop from Heroic 10man.  I like it better then the Anub’arak version [item]48045[/item].  I’m disappointed with the lack of a decent caster staff from heroic 25man.

I do run around teasing our feral druids though.  I won [item]48705[/item] by default this week.

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  • Xiera

    Illumination is an amazing weapon. I’m personally torn between going for the staff or my current dagger (Blade of Tarasque) with a nice offhand (Symbol of Transgression).

    The MH/OH combo is nice because it allows greater flexibility. The staff has high stats, but if I need more crit and less haste or more haste and less crit, the MH/OH combo allows me to adjust more easily.

    My attraction to the staff comes partially (and obviously) from the insanely high stats, but also because I’d only have to spend DKP once, not twice, to get it. We use a 50% bid system where the bidder with the highest DKP wins, so winning two items really puts you behind.

    That said, I already have the dagger, so I’ll probably go for the OH I mentioned and leave the staff for someone else. If I didn’t have the dagger, I’d be all over the staff.

  • Sunfyre

    I finally decided to replace the Staff of Endless Winter, as I replaced it with the heroic Sunreaver Disciple’s Blade and Talisman of Heedless Sins. It was a pretty nice upgrade.

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