Heroic Anub’arak to phase 3

by on Sep.16, 2009, under Rants

So far after our first week of attempts, we were able to get Anub’arak solidly to phase 3.

We haven’t perfected our strategy yet, so I don’t want to really comment a whole lot on the strategy until we actually get it down to a science.  I will however mention that [spell]Gale Winds[/spell] is pretty vital for this fight to deal with the [npc]Nerubian Burrower[/npc]s, and also to rant about how my dps is a slave to [spell]Clearcasting[/spell] proc’s, which dictates whether I can chain [spell]Hurricane[/spell] when the burrowers are up, or whether I have to stop and direct DPS Anub’arak while I wait for mana to regen.

Anub'arak Phase 3

Anub'arak Phase 3

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