Heroic Val’kyr twins down

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Forceful Entry killed Heroic Val’kyr twins today. I really can’t comment much about a balance druid perspective, as I spec resto for it to help heal, but it’s a fun fight.

Heroic Val’kyr twins is like a giant dodgeball match.  We tanked twins slightly off-center near a white portal, with all of our DPS and three healers dark in the center.  Our ranged and healers played dodgeball, with ranged DPS picking up stray black orbs from hitting healers, and healers absorbed white orbs that would hit melee.  The specials rotate between the two twins, ping-ponging back and forth.  They seem to be like Freya HM’s specials, in that they will cycle through all before they repeat.  Melee held [spell]65684[/spell] unless [npc]Fjola Lightbane[/npc] casted [spell]66046[/spell] , and they switched to [spell]65686[/spell] briefly.  If [npc]Eydis Darkbane[/npc] used [spell]66058[/spell] special, the melee would swap to [spell]65686[/spell] she cast her  next special, knowing it would be [spell]65875[/spell] next.  The key to this fight is maximizing DPS during the pacts, and near flawless dodgeball execution.  Having one clear voice call out what’s incoming and what color to be helps to clear confusion.

Heroic Valkyr Twins down

Heroic Val'kyr Twins down

Paragon has a great video of their Heroic Twins kill:

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