Faction Champs Hardmode

by on Sep.07, 2009, under General

Faction Champs Hardmode is pretty fun, but if you don’t have a very good strat, you won’t get far. Our method involved us keeping rogues FoK spamming the healers (and after 3.2.2, you can just sit a rogue/melee dps on each healer, keeping it locked down), while the rest of the DPS focused their highest DPS, which was the hunter and rogue in our case. We also CCed where-ever possible. Druids tend to excel at this, because you can rotate between [spell]Cyclone[/spell] and [spell]Entangling Roots[/spell]. Ferals can also add in a [spell]Bash[/spell] as needed. Between these two/three abilities, you can keep other melee DPS locked down rather well. Myself and a feral druid focused on the Death Knight and Warrior.

Hardmode Faction Champions down

Hardmode Faction Champions down

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