A Tier Dilemma

by on Sep.06, 2009, under Gear Discussion

One of the biggest problems with imba tier bonuses is that parting is such a sweet sorrow. The 4-piece tier 5 bonus comes to mind ([spell]37327[/spell]). Another is the 2-piece tier 8 ([spell]64818[/spell]). The “simplified” set bonuses, as Blizzard has referred to Tier 9 as such, have given me a dilemma on which gear I want to shoot for. While I like the instant double starfire crit / pull agro / die effect the 4pc T8 bonus brings ([spell]64824[/spell]), I think it’s a safe bet to say the 2pc tier 9 bonuses is far superior. ([spell]67125[/spell]). The next decision is whether to break the 2pc Tier 8 bonus. Graylo has written an excellent post here detailing the number break down between 2pc T8 and the T9. His math shows it’s tier 9 4pc is not a viable option until you get 4 pieces of heroic gear. I guess Nightsong and I are going to be sticking around for awhile.

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  • Xiera

    How crazy are you about math and theorycrafting? I suggested here that 2T8 may remain better than 4T9, even at tier 9.5 (iLevel 258). Unfortunately, I didn’t get any responses on that site, but if you enjoy math, have a look at let me know how far off I am.

    • Sunfyre

      I can’t open TMR at work, so I’ll look when I get home. I have spoken with Graylo about the 4pc T9.58 vs 2pc T8.5, and he still stands by his numbers that support T9.58 4pc is stronger, even if you consider that the rest of your gear is 9.58, as, in his opinion, the 4pc static damage would benefit more from higher level gear. The one thing I’m not sure he considered, as I didn’t initially as well, is the other added benefits the additional critical strike chance gives for lunar eclipse (mainly Nature’s Grace proc, and the mana return/longevity from Imp. Moonkin Aura). Right now in a raid, under the benefits of lunar eclipse, I’m pushing somewhere between 90-95pct Starfire crit.

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